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Scottsdale Fashion Square – More Store Openings!

With all the current buzz this week about high end and luxury happenings can I just interject a dose of reality? Let’s face it, no matter how lured I am into a Balenciaga or a Loutboutin I am at heart a practical girl. Rarely will you ever see me purchase anything for my closet that doesn’t get paid for with green or a debit card, so if you happen to see me carrying my favorite Gucci bag you now know there were no credit cards involved in the making of that ensemble.

Banana Republic Fall Ads

Banana Republic Fall Ads

On that note, I must give a little street cred to Banana Republic, all those LBD’s little navy dresses, little gray dresses and little cardigans I have purchased over the last few years are still part of my regular rotation, so I can’t wait to devour the latest BR concepts. The two independent men’s and women’s BR stores that were formerly in the center of the mall have now relocated in to one fabulous uber boutique.

Banana Republic Heritage Collection

Banana Republic Heritage Collection

The new concept has a fresh modern feeling and houses two higher end lines Heritage and Monogram along with the favorite fare that we have all grown to know and love. The store is newly designed with a boutique inside a boutique vibe that is sure to make shopping a delightful excursion.

J.Crew Fall Picks

J.Crew Fall Picks

Another staple on the closet horizon J Crew moves to bigger digs which they will no doubt need. I don’t know if it’s just me or has this season’s offering been one of their best in years? Like all stores, the Crew has had their ebbs and flows but somehow they seem to be back in the groove with really chic looking pieces at affordable prices. The fact that they always stock wearable tops and skirts for under $100 is reason enough to peruse the racks regularly.

Michael Stars Celebrity Fans

Michael Stars Celebrity Fans

Fans of Michael Stars adorable t-‘s will also be excited that the store is launching it’s very first AZ boutique. Can one really ever have enough perfect t-shirts and turtlenecks in a rainbow of colors? I think not.

Forever 21

Forever 21

Though there is already a For Love 21 accessory store at SFS in a very wallet friendly move Forever 21 will also unveil at 15,000 sq ft apparel store and the comparably priced trend spot Love Culture will open their doors as well. You can expect runway inspired items from both locales, including piles of jewelry and accessories to zhuzh up your fall wardrobe.


  • Cassie says:

    i am having a heart attack about all of these opening. I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!! Scottsdale Fashion Sq just keeps getting better and better!

  • Iza says:

    I’m actually really really excited for Forever 21!

  • Kaytlin says:

    I can’t wait to check out the new Banana Republic and Forever 21 stores. Thank you Scottsdale Fashion Square.

  • Eleanor says:

    J. Crew, Forever 21 and Banana are three of my all-time favorites. Cannot wait to check them–or their sales racks–out!

  • marianne says:

    there goes my paycheck…

  • Abby S. says:

    I am patiently (not) waiting for Michael Stars to open for more shirts!!!!
    Thanks Diane for always being the voice of reason…no need to throw ourselves into credit card debt over all this. Shop wisely and sensibly.

  • Polly says:

    I love Michael Stars shirts especially the “one size fits most” ones they are the perfect size.

  • Hillary Pinks says:

    i wish i t woudl just hurry up and open already – i am actually getting bored of everyone being “so excited.” its a mall for goodness sakes. i will certainly go check it all out, as i do love BR, but i am not going bananas over it all.

  • diane says:

    Today, Hillary after a barrage of emails and texts…I am exhausted just speaking of it…. in the words of Rachel Zoe, Literally, this is bananas!

  • Hey, really enjoyed this blog post! Shed light on a few things I didn’t understand. Thank you.

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