Q&A With Local Jewelry Designer Diana Ferguson

With a passion and talent for art and fashion, local jewelry designer Diana Ferguson creates stunning, handcrafted jewelry for the modern woman.

Jewelry designer Diana Ferguson

Ferguson’s ambitious desire to stand out in the jewelry industry is evident in her innovative use of mixed media materials to create one-of-a-kind earrings, bracelets and necklaces that are as versatile and beautiful as the girl who wears them.

AFM had the chance to ask Diana about the inspirations behind her designs, what jewelry trends are hot for spring and how her signature “Petals to the Metals” collection has disrupted the category.

AFM: Please tell me a little about yourself. How did you get into designing jewelry?

DF: I always had a vague feeling that I was meant to do something creative. However, I didn’t grow up doing anything especially artistic. I always loved fashion, music and especially, pop culture. I started taking studio art courses in college – probably because I was hanging out with cool artist friends, loved what they were doing and wanted to be part of it.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art with an emphasis in Art History. I began pursuing my art seriously about 15 years ago, after I realized that I desperately wanted a way out of the 9 to 5 corporate world.

Diana Ferguson Jewelry Don't Burst My Bubble Petal Earrings
Diana Ferguson Jewelry Don’t Burst My Bubble Petal Earrings

I began my professional jewelry career designing and selling hand-woven sterling silver and 14k gold filled earrings, bracelets, necklaces that I created using traditional and innovated chainmaille weave structures – those designs are the basis for what is today my Patina collection.

I work out of my home studio. I’m inspired by pop culture, music, fashion, art history (in particular, early modernity because of the thought processes that went on there, but I love it all). Also, I’m pretty analytical so part of my inspiration has been figuring out how to do something different, that hasn’t been done, in the jewelry world. I think to some degree I’ve been successful in achieving that.

Diana Ferguson Jewelry Primrose Yellow Petal Earrings
Diana Ferguson Jewelry Primrose Yellow Petal Earrings

AFM: What is your favorite part about creating beautiful jewelry?

DF: It allows me to be creative and a problem solver. But most of all, I enjoy how it allows me to express my love for fashion and for color and pattern.

AFM: Your Petals to the Metal collection is gorgeous – Please tell us about the collection, your creative inspiration, etc.

DF: My Petals to the Metal collection celebrates color and pattern in the form of mixed media jewelry that is lightweight, fun, and easy to wear. Each Petals to the Metal piece is individually handcrafted by me right here in my Arizona studio using anodized aluminum elements paired with my signature hand-patterned, cut and shaped resin glazed paper elements and, as appropriate, hand-woven chain (see here).

Many pieces incorporate my own digital art and collage. I’m also inspired by art historical imagery and the whimsy of brands like Hermes.

Diana Ferguson Jewelry Every Girl Needs a Jaguar Circle Necklace

AFM: What are the jewelry trends that are hot now for spring?

DF: There are so many fun trends happening right now; for example eclectic statement necklaces and earrings featuring innovative materials, graphic lines, interesting shapes and bold colors. Also, asymmetry and oversized single earrings.

With Petals to the Metal, I love reflecting fashion trends – miniaturized. The earrings for instance, are a great way to make hot trends like color blocking; stripes; bold colors like spring’s Primrose Yellow, Flame and Greenery; polka dots; and florals easy to wear and incorporate in your wardrobe. They’re also (as with my “Every Girl Needs a Jaguar” earrings and necklace) a great way to incorporate animal prints without being overwhelmed by them. I’ve heard my earrings described as being like “scarves for your ears.”

Diana Ferguson Jewelry Signature Scroll Necklace

AFM: Do you do any custom work?

DF: Yes, I love doing custom work. The process is highly collaborative. For example, right now I’m working on one of my signature scroll necklaces, which will showcase the customer’s favorite 20th and 21st century artists. I can also incorporate personal photographs or other sentimental or meaningful imagery into any necklace or pair of earrings.

AFM: Where can we purchase your jewelry?

DF: Shop dianafergusonjewelry.com or visit me at the annual Celebration of Fine Art, which takes place each year from mid-January through late March in Scottsdale, Arizona. I do occasional juried fine art shows around the country, which are listed on the Events page of my website.

Diana Ferguson Jewelry Every Girl Needs A Jaguar Petal Earrings
Diana Ferguson Jewelry Every Girl Needs A Jaguar Petal Earrings

AFM: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

DF: My obsession is creating distinctive, handcrafted adornments that look and feel great. That help my customers express their individuality and celebrate their sense of style.

I describe my jewelry as “wardrobe wonders.” They’re fun, modern, eclectic, feminine, versatile, beautiful yet practical. They’re light as air and are made for the woman who lives life with curiosity and a sense of adventure!

For more information, or to purchase Diana Ferguson Jewelry, please visit www.dianafergusonjewelry.com.

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