Project Runway Season 7!

Finally, finally, finally, it’s back. Project Runway kicked off it’s seventh’s season last night. Once again the PR gang is back to their roots in NYC. Though many people called season six a snooze fest I for one still enjoyed it immensely, but nothing tops the old crew of Heidi, Tim, Michael and Nina. Last season the combo of being in LA and let’s face it, those temp judges last season just couldn’t hold a candle to Ms Garcia and Mr Kors.

Of course Models of the Runway is also back and this season in true reality TV fashion looks as if it might be spiced with a bit more drama. Once again a former Arizona Foothills Magazine cover and fashion model graces to PR lineup. The raven haired Brandise was featured in one of my favorite January issues from a few years back.

Brandise in a dress by Jonathan

So right off the bat I am once again laying bets on the final four… last season Ra’mon one of my favs was ousted for a rather over the top Sci-fi look early on, a move that I felt was a huge mistake. In the meantime Christopher who was stuck in the bottom practically every other week remained in the game until close to the end and still I have no idea why unless of course the producers decided he had some kind of fan base worth saving. ATTN: Spoiler alert…. If you want to find out the outcome for yourself… skip the next sentence, if not read on!

Emilio Sosa dress

So, this season I am already digging Emilio whose sweet little dress won the first challenge. I was impressed by his construction chops and his attention to detail. Seth Aaron also did a great job of detailing but honestly those suspender strands did distract just a bit. Ping may be a little bit out there but she is nothing if not grounded in her aesthetic and strangely I think she is a deep enough thinker conceptually to hang on for a while.

Jesse turned out an interesting three piece frock and Jonathan’s little black dress had wonderful detail. On the ladies side most of the dresses were well made but what is up with the hemlines? Did everyone forget that models are tall? And Janeane the crier (do we always need one of those, really?) turned out a decent outfit after all.
Outfit by Jesse

For the first round I really think the judges made the right decision by ousting Christiane’s bright blue eye sore circa 1987. Here’s to an exciting season seven! Let me know who your favorites are.
Eliminated dress by Christiane

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