Poll Reveals What Americans Really Think About Fashion

Americans think André Leon Talley is a famous lion tamer and are more willing to wear an ascot over a fanny pack, at least according to a poll conducted in tandem by 60 Minutes and Vanity Fair.

The poll, which aimed to sketch a blueprint of America’s fashion opinion, is based on a random telephone sampling of more than 1,000 adults nationwide.

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When questioned which person “would you least want to critique your outfit before a big night out,” 27% of Americans are more concerned over what Joan Rivers would think compared to a mere 7% who are (rightly) scared of Ana Wintour.

Meanwhile, fashion kin and the rest of America seem to mutually agree that low-hanging jeans are a trend that needs to die (64%), along with fake glasses (8%) and UGG boots (5%).

Check out the rest of the questions and their somewhat surprising answers by clicking here.

Source: Vanity Fair  

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