Meet Yuval Yakoby and His Clothing Line AZ Vintage Apparel

Hey Yuval Yakoby, tell me a bit about yourself and AZ Vintage Apparel:

I was born and raised in Arizona and always had a passion for clothing. When I was in high school, I started thrifting at the local Goodwill’s, finding things I thought were unique and reselling them on eBay. After I realized there was a demand for some of the items I was obtaining, I got more into the specifics of what I was doing. It started as a hobby, but then I turned it into a business as I got older.

I enjoy every second of what I do, so it doesn’t even feel like work most of the time. AZVA is a brand that allows people to shop for unique clothing that can bring back memories and separate themselves from what the average person is wearing.

What made you want to get into the apparel industry?

I got into the apparel industry because of the uniqueness behind every item I was obtaining. Each vintage item has its own story, and you never know where it came from. I enjoy the happiness certain band t-shirts or sports tees can bring an individual. Helping people grow their knowledge of vintage and streetwear is also rewarding, in my opinion. I love fashion, and like I said earlier, working in this industry makes my job feel like a hobby; whether it is Monday or Saturday, I always enjoy what I am doing.

Obviously, in the name, the apparel is a vintage find and unique pieces that are repurposed. How do you find these unique t-shirts and other apparel?

The fun part about this job is you never know where your inventory can come from. There are countless ways to source vintage clothing, whether thrifting or finding someone who wants to get rid of their old band t collection. Still, I have developed relationships with quite a few wholesalers through being in this community long enough, so I mainly buy my inventory in bulk.

Do you only sell vintage a repurposed items, or do you also print/design your pieces?

As of recently, we started printing our designs as well. The reasoning for this was to incorporate our modern ideas and twist to vintage styles from the 90s. This allows us to express our creativity instead of only selling other people’s designs from the 90s.

Do you only sell t-shirts, or are there other products available for purchase?

We sell t-shirts, hats, shorts, jeans, crewnecks, jackets, accessories, etc. We are a complete clothing brand, but our main product is t-shirts, given the weather in Arizona.

Where can individuals purchase AZ Vintage Apparel?

All of our vintage clothing and streetwear designs are available @, and you can also follow us on Instagram @azvintageapparel for updates on all our new releases!

What is your overall goal with your line in the future?

My goal is to make AZVA a household name to shop online for vintage and our designs. We have been focused on growing the brand name and getting as many people as possible to think of us when they want new clothing.

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