Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Still not done with your holiday shopping? Don’t sweat, here’s a few holiday gift ideas to get you through this last-minute crunch. And hey, worst case scenario those little 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 inch pieces of plastic with a metal strip on the back work great anyway.


David Yurman Linked Heart Bracelet

You can’t go wrong with a piece of David Yurman jewelry. And this David Yurman linked heart bracelet is a particular fave. The linked bracelet alternates between smooth and cable sterling silver hearts with an 18-karat yellow gold heart in the middle.

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Clive Christian X Artwork for Women

A Clive Christian perfume is one of the most decadent gifts. And I particularly adore the Clive Christian X Artwork for Women perfume, as the bottle is decked out in Egyptian Jasmine artwork.

The fragrance itself features notes of mandarin, pink peach, ivy, Egyptian jasmine, Mexican vanilla, Damascene rose, karo karunde and cashmere musk.  1.7 oz.

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Nars 3.1 Phillip Lim Palette

I’m obsessed with 3.1 Phillip Lim. And equally obsessed with Nars palettes. So this partner from Nars cosmetics with 3.1 Phillip Lim is such a special treat! The palette features color coordinated eye, cheek and lip shades. Plus, a portion of proceeds benefits Al Gore’s The Climate Project.

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bliss 7th Heaven Holiday Gift Set

Aaaah bliss. There’s something so absolutely fitting about the spa brand and product line’s name. This holiday season, gift the bliss 7th Heaven Holiday gift set for the spa-lover on your list. This ultimate set includes bliss bestsellers like the fabulous foaming face wash, blood orange+white pepper body butter, lemon+sage soapy soap, snow wonder high intensity hand cream, triple oxegyn instant energizing mask, foot patrol and a mammoth minty scrub soap. The collection comes in a gift box and includes a red bliss tote.

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Hermes Narrow Enamel Bracelet

I had to fight with myself on the way back from Paris to not get this Hermes Narrow Enamel Bracelet. Really, it was all about the math: Exchange rate+duty free shopping did not equal a good deal. Still dreaming of it, I think it makes a darling holiday gift, particularly in the tan shade. The bracelet is 2.5 inches (also available in a chunkier 5 inch band) is silver and palladium plated and available in orange, white, black, blue, red and pink. It also comes in a gold plated version.

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Happy Holidays!

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