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We are faced with literally thousands of images each day and in the fashion world those images are often key to the industry. You’re likely to hear “Did you see the picture of her in that dress?” or “Wasn’t that editorial just amazing?” And there are a myriad of people who work hard for these images:stylists, photographers, makeup artists, publicists, so on and so forth. 

And so, AFM Style Files wants to share with you the fashion images we found most intriguing this week.


The I Love Dust image of Karl Lagerfeld takes a fun and less serious, but fashion appropriate take on the iconic Karl head, for the lack of a better description. The graphic is a collage of phrases such as “Sunglasses are like eye shadow: They make everything look younger and pretty.” According to WWD the graphic will be put on T-shirts for the Karl line which is set to go on sale on May 31st and sold for $95. 


If you have not seen or at least heard about Tom Cruise’s W spread then here is your opportunity to get in on the water cooler chat tomorrow. A nearly 50-year-old cruises sports several tattoos, a mullet, and goes shirtless for the Rock of Ages inspired spread. There really are no words. 


Have you seen the Art by Art Jacobs tees that will be sold for a shocking $687? I’m not sure that a pink t-shirt with a screen of the ‘ART’ graffiti done by Kidult on the Marc Jacobs So-Ho store is worth anywhere near $687… I think Marc might make more if he sold them for let’s say $35 instead. Oh wait Wilfry is already doing that with the a screen of the Marc Jacobs shirt on a shirt–genius? 


I found this photo on refinery29.com and though the idea sounds cool, I’m not altogether positive that it translates into cool. However if you want to try the pop-of-color-olored-part grab some Kevin Murphy Color Bug and give it a go… No doubt you’ll be turning heads and if you do try it please let us know how it went! 


Loving actress Emily Blunt in Italian Vogue’s May issue. Inspired by the acrylic paintings of David Hockney, the images are intense and Blunt eminates old Hollywood glamour. She looks absolutely gorgeous. 

Vogue Italia

Jennifer Lopez. Bathing Suit. Vogue. I really don’t think we need anymore words… Well, except for maybe jealous.

By Kristianne Young

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