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So here I sit snuggled up under not one, not two but three blankets try to stave off the chills, fever and sore throat that came upon me over the weekend fresh off my photo shoot stint in CA. Needless to say that after two weeks of on location shoots and now a self imposed quarantine I am racing to finish my Christmas shopping. As previously mentioned I have done much of my gift buying online this season mostly due to the circumstance of travel and despite the fact that I prefer to support my local boutiques and spread the wealth (and by wealth I mean a pittance) but it seems that my normal routine is not in the cards this year. So, instead of going with a gift that may be the wrong size, color, style or fit I am sticking with more shall we say…”cerebral” gifts for my fashionista friends.

I recently came across the most darling interactive fashion book that would be perfect for the two teenage aspiring designers in my life called “My Wonderful World of Fashion” by leading UK fashion-illustrator Nina Chakrabarti. Her work has appeared in both Vogue and Marks and Spencer.

excerpt My Wonderful World of Fashion
excerpt My Wonderful World of Fashion

This book is all about creativity and the perfect way to get the imagination running with illustrations for coloring and designs to finish off, as well as simple projects (how to make a sari, turn a napkin into a headscarf, dye a T-shirt, and so on). Topics run the gamut from clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, and other accessories, plus the illustrations span both vintage fashions and contemporary designs from the illustrator’s own imagination. Available at


And for that one friend- the style critic, she is the forecaster of all things trend and the voice of doom when you don the wrong shoe with “that” dress. Just the thought of buying her a fashion related gift scares you silly, well this is the tome for her “Like I Give a Frock” by Michi. If you haven’t heard of the deliciously irreverent Michi once you read her humorous quips you won’t want to be without her.

Like I Give a Frock excerpt
Like I Give a Frock excerpt

The brain child of Aussie’s Chloe Quigley and Daniel Pollock; Michi’s newsletter forecasts fashion trends with a laugh out loud kind of wit and much needed honesty. Ever wonder if Fishnets are proper for work? Or How to conceal the misfortune of the cankle? And just in case you weren’t sure she is here to gently say… no one looks good in mustard, unless you re a hot dog! The fashion illustrations are divine and equally as entertaining. Available at


And for your guy or gal pals that love all thing hip and modern 100 Contemporary Fashion Designers Taschen 25 by Terry Jones creator of the uber cool i-D magazine and former Vanity Fare Editor this book is stuffed to the brim of 21st Century legends and up and comers including the expected Armani, Prada, Lauren, Klein, Rodarte, McQueen and on an on. Can I just say…gorgeous! Also available at

100 Contemporary Designers excerpt
100 Contemporary Designers excerpt
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