From London To Milan – Fashion Week

As I continue to see collection after collection I realize just how many “favorite” designers and brands I have. Let’s see, so far my favorites have been Oscar de la Renta, Prabal Gurung, Burberry, and as of yesterday, Antonio Beradi. Well, I have another to add…actually a few more to add to my list of favorites and this time from Milan.

But first we will say one last good bye to London Fashion Week by way of Ms. Vivienne Westwood. The Red Label runway was laden with trousers, blouses, and jackets, and my personal favorite—the shirtdress. Of course first you had to get past the plastic wrapped hair and multi-color makeup. Do you ever wonder what the models really think about the beauty choices? Ok back to the subject at hand… 3D construction and asymmetrical lapels were certainly the main features.

Though Westwood takes her designing seriously she is also an avid supporter of several eco and animal organizations, often bringing them to the forefront at her shows. ”I use my fashion as an excuse always to talk about things on my political and cultural agenda,” she said before the show began. ”Fashion gave me a voice, it gave me credibility. People think I can do such and such so they are willing to listen to me, and that’s really good.”

Alberta Ferretti designed a spring collection that played heavily on the tribal trend. However she managed to take it to the next level opening with ultra-sexy geometric Zulu cutouts. Her sexy African vibe, or what could arguably be taken as tropical, continued with brown, orange, and tan floral prints on what appeared to be the model’s naked body—Ferretti is quite the illusionist.

Sarong-style wrapped skirts and crochet dresses added to the tropical flare… perhaps what you would choose to wear to a fancy dinner party on the beach. Ferriti explains, ““To me, a simple shape and easy way is feminine and modern.”

Designer Frida Giannini served up a variety of Art Deco motifs at Gucci’s spring 2012 show telling, “I like the architectural shapes, especially the New York skyscrapers of the period.” The beauty experts backstage mirrored the architectural feel with “Art Deco punk eyes,” said makeup artist Pat McGrath.

The geometric designs on boxy jackets paired with high-waisted and tuxedo pants hinted at androgyny. Of course it wasn’t all ambiguity with a fringe black and gold, what you could call modern flapper dress. The color blocking that occurred in this collection was perfectly executed with the striking combinations of black, white, bronze, gold, and green. The collection overall is definitively Gucci.

By Kristianne Young

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