Favorite Academy Awards Dresses

It’s that time once again, in just 48 hours (give or take eight hours or so) I will be perched front and center on my sofa with a glass of something bubbly in my hand watching the red carpet entrances of gown after gown and tux after tux at the Academy Awards. Just a few days ago I was recounting with a friend from LA how practically all of Tinseltown feels the pre- ceremony rush. Even I have experienced the drama of not being able to pull the sample gowns or jewelry needed for a shoot because nearly every showroom puts fashion pulls on hold during the week before and the week after to accommodate any last minute starlet needs. But all well worth it, I suppose when you are scrutinizing and cheering on your favs from the comfort of your own home. So in anticipation of the coming festivities I was asked by a fellow stylist what my top ten favorite dresses from years past have been. Here are some of the tops on my list over the last few years.

There were two dresses from 2007 that still go down as sheer perfection in my book. Penelope Cruz in her Versace Atelier pink confection, flowing, feminine and gorgeous and let’s face it Penelope never disappoints! The other was the sexy, sophisticated curve hugging Nina Ricci that Reese Witherspoon wore that same year. It fit her like a glove and she looked spectacular.

I don’t know if it’s because my high school colors were yellow and orange or if it’s because I look awful in both shades but I am always in awe of women who can wear them and look amazing. In 2000 Charlize Theron broke the mold from the basic black, red and jewel toned gowns often seen and stepped out in that amazing Vera Wang number. She could not have looked more stunning and statuesque. The next year an ultra svelte Renee Zellweger wore a strapless vintage gown in a daffodil yellow that put her on the map as a real fashionista. And of course who could forget Michelle Williams in that turmeric colored Vera Wang number topped off with that perfect shade of red lipstick…. Just bananas, if I do say so myself!

Another take my breath away dress was the silver and champagne colored Armani Prive’ that Anne Hathaway wore in 2009, it was regal and perfect. Rachel Zoe hooked her up for sure. And I can’t leave out the cream colored satin dress by Marc Bouvier that marked the transition to a softer, gentler Angelina Jolie back in 2004.

Of course there are too many amazing dresses to count over the years and I simply cannot wait to report on the best and worst of the Oscars next week!

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