A Digital Guide To New York Fashion Week

Happy first day of New York Fashion Week! Today, we get to forget about the fact that it’s still too hot to wear our favorite fall fashions and look ahead (because in fashion we are always ahead of the game) to Spring 2014.


Though we may not be as lucky as the ladies and gents in the biz who get to enjoy all the fashion amazingness up close and personal, we have created a guide that will ensure we still get all we can out the shows as we look on from afar (okay, more like 8 inches from our faces on our favorite gadgets).

Valentino's Paris fashion week catwalk

First, make sure that you are checking Style Files throughout the week; we will be reviewing our favorite collections as they hit the runways.

Make sure to follow those who are in the know on your favorite social media sites. We’ll be following:




Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week – A fun way to connect with 389,000 other fashion lovers!
Fashionista.com – They always have something fun up their sleeves… like Fashion Week Mad Libs.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (of course)
Coco Rocha
Rachel Zoe
Getty Images

Watch the shows live with us at www.mbfashionweek.com

Indulge in all of your favorite looks at www.style.com

See you on the fashion interwebs #MBFW #NYFW!

By Kristianne Young

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