2009 Oscar Fashion: The Best and The Worst

I’m curious, does anybody actually watch the Oscars anymore? I mean other than looking at the red carpet looks. For me, the Oscar fashions is totally a sport. Who took the biggest risk, whose stylist definitely needs to be fired and who is wearing something that totally knocks your socks off. There’s always tons of winners, tons of losers and I’m not necessarily rooting for any team to win, just to feast my eyes on really pretty things.

I, for one, just make sure to tune into E! so I can see the celebs as they’re arriving. Besides, I would never want to miss Brad Pitt dissing Ryan Seacrest yet again. Too funny.  As usual, this year did not dissapoint with plenty of starlets strutting their hot and not-so-hot dresses. Here’s a few of the best and the worst. What do you think??


I’m not really sure what to think about this Zuhair Murad number Miley Cryus wore, other than it looks really heavy. I’ll call this one not quite a miss and an almost hit, I just feel like it’s too busy for someone so young. No need to try so hard Miley!


Angelina Jolie kept it classic and boring with a basic black dress. Probably because she knows she looks stunning either way, so safe she kept it.


I’m really liking Anne Hathaway’s sparkly Armani Prive dress. Definitely one of the best.


Where do I even begin with this thing that Beyonce is wearing??? It’s craptastic. I mean seriously craptastic. It looks like someone took some curtains and said, “let’s make a mermaid dress!” I’m so sick of Beyonce anyway it kind of made me grin a little to see this disaster.Note to celebs: Try the mirror before leaving the house.

Oscars Arrivals

It washes her out a bit but I really like this creamy, flowy Elie Saab dress on Evan Rachel Wood. Total win.


Editors have been raving about this John Galliano gown on Freida Pinto. The color looks amazing on her and I like the dress, but not a fan of that sheer sleeve thing. It’s just too much. It’s an almost-hit.


How sexy is this red hot Roland Mouret dress on Heidi Klum? This was definitely one of my favorites of the evening.


Here’s Jennifer Aniston in Valentino couture next to the man we all can’t believe she’s still dating. The gold dress looks nice, again playing it safe. It’s pretty but nothing that blows me away.


A lot of editors and bloggers are really hating this dress Jessica Biel wore to the Oscars, but I really don’t hate it. I feel like it could be tailored a bit better but otherwise, it’s really not terrible at all.


I left this picture supersized for a reason; it’s stunning. Absolutely stunning. I can’t stop looking at how amazing Marisa Tomei looks in Versace. Hands down most fabulous dress on the red carpet.


Natalie Portman always looks classic. This pink Rodarte dress is a good look for her.


Here’s Sarah Jessica Parker in Dior. You like? I’m distracted by how much her girls are hanging out…


I’m seriously not feeling this Marchesa dress Vanessa Hudgens is in. The feathers up top just feel misplaced…

What do you think about these Oscar fashions???


  1. I really really hate Beyonce’s dress (and I’m so with you on being just plain sick of her by now…) We all know she’s a curvy girl, but this makes her look way bigger than she actually is. And yes, Marisa Tomei’s dress was beautiful, that’s what an Oscar dress SHOULD look like. That whiteish color sure is a trend this year.

  2. I loved Angelina’s jewels. The pretty emerald earrings and ring. It added just enough oomph to her simple black gown. And I think Beyonce needs to move away from the mermaid shape. Yes, you’ve got a bangin’ bod..we can see your curves…enough already! And I thought Jennifer Aniston’s little braid was cute.

  3. My favorite was not shown! Alicia Keys look stunning. I thought her dress was amazing, and she really stood out! She is so gorgeous. I loved Angelina Jolie’s jewelry. It made her eyes look so pretty. It was this green emerald jewelry. So pretty! It must be fun to dress up by famous designers for an evening!

  4. Thank goodnesssssss Marisa Tomei picked this Versace dress….she has looked TERRIBLE the past couple of awards shows. i can forgive her now.

  5. When it comes to dresses I thing that the actress that are more simplistic and dress it up with simple, yet elegant accessories stand out the most. To me the best dress is Marisa Tomei and the worst dressed it Miley Cyrus.

  6. Miley’s dress was such a MISS. that girl annoys me, so maybe that’s why i dont like it. it was the ugly version of SJP’s anesome dress.

  7. Beyonce’s dress was not cute at all either was miley’s what were the two of them thinking??? I did love SJP’s dress and Marissa Tomei looks spectacular!!!

  8. Beyonce looks like she is wearing a vase. Marissa Tomei, well, no real opinion, but she is insanely attractive. Weird cuz she’s at least mid 40s but could pass for early 30s or even late 20s. Way to go. Not sure what Sarah Jessica Parker was thinking but she is definitely trying too hard.

  9. I’ve always liked Marissa Tomei there’s just something likable about her. So I’m happy to see she’s taking home top honors and I agree, beautiful dress awesome bod!

  10. Jessica Biel’s dress doesn’t do her justice. It looks like a toga tied wrong. Natalie Portman is out of proportion and that dress only accentuates it. As for the mermaids: a fishtail dress must ooze simplicity and class or don’t even try. I thought SJPs dress was awesome but I didn’t like her chi-chis served up on a platter. I’d like to see Angelina Jolie in something softer for once. And Miley Montana whoever – she’s a kid, whatever.

  11. Beyonce looks kind of like the female version of the Oscar statue, don’t you think? All that gold and how stiff she looks.. Anyway LOVE Marissa Tomei’s dress. Some editors said it was too much but I thought it was perfect for the Oscars. I didn’t like the bib on Jessica Biel’s dress, but maybe if they got rid of that part it’d be ok.

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