Summer Skin Care Bargains

Now that summer is basically here it’s time to ramp up that beauty routine. I know, I know, the hotter it gets the more we want to slack off on those seemingly superfluous steps in the morning. In fact so many of my friends have the attitude that as long as they have a tan they don’t have to do as much when getting ready… a real tan of course means no more self tanner, less foundation, and not as much makeup in general. And for some of my gal pals they think of the summer as a time they can also cut back on their beauty bucks and spend less.

But let’s be real, the less you do now, the more you might have to do later on. So this week I am rounding up some great beauty “bargains” that you can stick to all summer long. Before I unleash the lion however, perhaps I should warn you that to me a bargain isn’t just price alone but I factor in the quality of the item, how long it will last….and best of all, I like to throw it on and go without thinking about reapplying the rest of the day. (less applications means less products, means saving money)

So first on my list is skin care. Never underestimate the power of a good cleanser, after all if you cleanse the skin properly, that’s more than half the battle. Even though we perspire more and tend to get more oily a good gentle cleanser is preferred to keep skin from drying out. Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash removed dirt and keeps necessary oils intact.

Using a good exfoliator is always important to help keep pores decongested Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is a super fine rice powder that when mixed with water clears away dead cells, plus it contains licorice and green tea to even out skin tone and protect from free radicals. Don’t let the $50 price fool you, this stuff goes a long way.

And don’t forget that good skin doesn’t stop at the neck, to rid the body of those little red bumps that crop up from time to time try Olay Body Spa Exfoliating Ribbons. It’s rich with moisture so it doesn’t dry out skin while the microbeads and sea salts buff away rough skin.

If you are spending a considerable amount of time outdoors remember to use a mask at least twice a month to cleanse or hydrate depending on your skin type. Avene’ Soothing mask contains safflower oil to prevent moisture loss and you can spot treat dry areas or comfort hypersensitive patches as well. For only $22 this mask is a winner!

Stop by tomorrow for some of my favorite summer makeup bargains!

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