Summer Makeup Bargains

So just yesterday after I finished my post of skin care bargains a friend called to ask my advice about makeup. Funny thing is that most of my oldest and dearest don’t wear much makeup, in fact they often shudder at the bucks I will lay out for a good skin cream or mascara for that matter. It is not uncommon for me to arrive to book club a few times a year with a box of giveaways for the girls. And let me just say for girls that aren’t beauty addicts something takes over when a box of freebies is set in your lap. What ensues next is usually a fight to the death grabbing of products, lots of high- pitched laughs and a barrage of questions for me…most often “what does this do?” Or “how do I use this?” And will this make me look like Jennifer Aniston? Hopefully the girls will be reading this post today and will head off to stock their own stashes Jennifer or no Jennifer.

Yesterday we talked about budget friendly summer skin care, which should be priority numero uno when you live in a sunny climate like ours. Then once you get your two- a- day cleansing routine down its time to ice the cake so to speak. And though there are loads of penny savings products out there, I am a big believer of investing in a good foundation but if your wallet won’t budge at the moment L’Oreal True Match is a good inexpensive pick with 24 shades and a smooth formula. It’s hard to goof up with this one. And I have friends that swear by the True Match concealer as well…one of them is even a big NYC celeb makeup artist.

Another products winning raves is the Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer its super lightweight but has a ton of coverage and blends seamlessly.

For a quick hint of color Revlon Color Stay Mineral Finishing powder with its iridescent flecks lends a warm glow to the skin without looking too frosty and it’s great with a summer tan!

Okay so I am kind of a freak about inexpensive eye shadows, they never seem to stay put and they tend to be flaky, so I rarely go that route but for a few more bucks ($19) I love Benefit’s creaseless cream shadow/liners. I have been using these for eons…practically since they launched the first version of them. I still reach for these when I want my lids to look freshly applied all-day or night plus there’s lots of product in that little pot so it lasts forever.

Last but never least is mascara; I find this to be the pickiest product in the entire makeup world. Everyone always seems to have super high expectations from their mascaras; personally if I don’t look like a raccoon I am a happy camper. It’s true many makeup artists use Great Lash and I am no exception but if that doesn’t float your boat then L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara is a good 2nd, it doesn’t dry too fast and doesn’t build up to spidery legs and looks great all day.

Stop by tomorrow for my lip and nails picks!

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