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Every summer I get this itch to change up the hair, especially after the fall/winter process of growing it out. Though this year I’m going to try not to cut off all of my hair since I’ve been working for over a year to regain the 6 inches I cut off last year. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t have an amazing hair cut…Here are some great options a la our favorite celebritites from Who What Wear and hair guru Andy Lecompte (even if you do want to chop it all off).

I’ve picked my favorite 5 from his list of ten as well as Lecompte’s advice on what you should ask for to get the perfect cut.

Blunt Bob

What to ask for: A blunt bob with a little bit of graduation in the back. Ask for a true blunt cut; you don’t want razored ends.

AFM loves this cut because you can wear it wavy for a fresh and fun look or flat iron for a sleek look.

Pixie Cut

What to ask for: A very short Mia Farrow-style pixie cut. Ask for something very cropped—approximately 1-inch long overall—and slightly tighter in back.

AFM loves this cut because it is reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn and bold but sophisticated in its own right.

A-Line Bob

What to ask for: A blunt, A-line bob.

AFM loves this cut because it looks good on nearly everyone and it’s easy to manage.

Lecompte explains why it works, “Anyone looking for a non-frumpy bob. This cut works with lots of hair types, though it’s best for those with medium texture or light waves. If you have curly hair, you can still get this look, just go a bit longer. If your hair is ultra fine, don’t emphasize the A-line shape as much because it will make your hair look thinner. ”

Blunt Mid Length

What to ask for: A blunt cut that falls anywhere between the mid-chest and bust. You can also ask for a few layers in front to frame the face and give the cut a little more movement.

AFM loves this cut because Gwyneth is the best… and because it is so messy, free-flowing-chic.

Long Bob with Heavy Fringe

What to ask for: A long bob razored to the collarbone and then layered throughout with thinning shears. The bangs are heavy, but soft.

AFM loves this cut because it doesn’t require the commitment of a short bob and fringe is our favorite.

-Kristianne Young


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