Refreshing Summer Beauty for Sweltering Days

Okay so yesterday didn’t feel quite so bad, but living in a vintage house as I do means that often your old air conditioner just doesn’t get as cool as you want it to. This of course creates a myriad of dilemmas.

Of course on days when it’s 114 there are few things that will keep you looking in tact when you are stuck in sweltering conditions, I mean let’s get real those chilly neck bandanas don’t exactly say fashionista. So here are a few items that I go to when I want to keep my cool.

I was somewhat skeptical when I heard about this little roller, but apparently Jade has been used for eons in China to aid the body in eliminating toxins from the organs and lymph system. The medium sized roller is designed to use around the face and neck area to help lymph drainage and blood flow. It helps eliminate puffiness and tones facial muscles while plumping up and out wrinkles. With regular use it can also minimize blemishes around the chin and jawline which are generally caused by toxin build-up. The massaging action can help to keep facial contours taut and make you look younger as well. When kept in the fridge it’s a lovely cooling treat for the face and neck which also helps lower body temperature and it even helps with headaches!

Living in a heated oven as we do can easily bring on it’s own stresses. How many times have you gotten ready for that big meeting only to look a sweaty fright by the time you arrive at your destination? This little kit may not keep you from sweating but it definitely helps combat the stresses that we face daily, and if you’re like me lack of sleep doesn’t help in the looking good category This Works Survive Kit is 100% natural made of plant based aromatherapy oils, and bonus it has no mineral oils, synthetic fragrance , color or parabens.
The kit contains Turbo Balm made of cocoa butter, Tahitian Monoi & Rose Oil to heal dry areas & lips, Stay Cool Eye Serum is filled with aloe, arnica & cucumber to soothe & de-puff, Breath In is a roller ball with Frankincense & Eucalyptus to clear the head & jumpstart the senses. And Quick Spritz spritzer with Palmrosa & Rosewood,is a great cooling spray. At night One for All pure Lavender & Coconut oil helps to calm, aid sleep & disinfect.

Back in my early days as an aesthetician I used a lovely line called Institut Esthederm and one of the most coveted products was the Cellular Water. This little facial spray is made with high levels of mineral salts and trace elements to optimizes skin’s vitality at a cellular level. With a super concentration of vitamins and minerals, it replicates the water content in healthy young skin cells. So not only does it boosts the cellular activity to full capacity and helps fight free radicals. It feels like heaven spritzed on the skin on a hot day.

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