Our Favorite Tinted Moisturizers

In a few days I’ll be headed to place where the weather is hot and the humidity levels can easily reach 10 times the humidity levels here in phoenix (think 30% to 70% compared to our 0% to 5%). As you can imagine, most of the day I’ll be, well, perspiring. Naturally my biggest concerns are what to wear (the answer is cotton) and how to keep my makeup from melting off my face.


Perhaps, my second issue is quite universal. How do we keep our makeup from melting off our face in triple digit weather, or while we are running after our kids inside of the grocery store? Thankfully our resident Beauty Expert and Editor Diane Aiello gave us her favorite finds in her “Melt-Proof Summer Makeup” post!

And though I plan to try everyone one of her tips, I also decided to throw caution to the wind along with my ultra-coverage, matte foundation and opt for a lighter weight tinted moisturizer for a more natural feel. Of course, tinted moisturizers aren’t just for bloggers headed to a foreign country with little AC for a month, but for anyone and everyone who wants to ditch their heavier winter look for a lighter feel this summer.

Bobbi Brown SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer comes in an oil-free formula that allows for light moisture without making the skin oily. This gel based moisturizer provides sheer coverage along with sun protection, and vitamins C and E to protect skin from free radicals.

Laura Mercier always receives rave reviews for products that help to create healthy skin for all skin types including those with especially sensitive skin. This SPF 20, oil-free moisturizer provides a “no-makeup” look with a soft hint of color.

We’ll let La Mer ‘The SPF 18 Fluid Tint’ speak for itself: Designed for daily use, this water-borne formula absorbs instantly into the skin to provide broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. A trio of natural and sea-derived ingredients uniquely benefits the skin. Gemstones absorb light energy, transforming it into beneficial green light to enhance antioxidant activity. Photonic spheres within The SPF 18 Fluid Tint redirect and diffuse light. Smart, light-reactive seaweeds impart natural humectant properties to bind moisture, preventing dehydration.

NARS Pure Radiante Tinted Moisturizer doesn’t just give you sheer color, sun protection, and hydrate your skin… it also reduces the appearance of discoloration and dark spots in just four weeks. So you won’t even needed all that winter coverage anymore.

By Kristianne Young

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