Nicole Kidman’s Red Carpet Makeup Blunder

I don’t know about you, but after a few days off and a few mellow days of photo shoots, I am lacking my usual New Year gusto. In fact half of the ritual cleaning, organizing and file cabinet clearing projects that start off with a bang after 1/01 have somehow fizzled into a few mere “chores” that were not completed… obviously I am somewhat distracted.
Perhaps I am far more focused on getting back to fashion and beauty obsessing and looking forward to my next few days of fashion shoots. It’s time to pull the latest the Spring collections have to offer and I for one am beyond excited to play touchy feely with the gorgeous Balenciaga and Lanvin pieces…obsessed…yes!

In any case over my “break” I couldn’t help notice all the blog chatter about Nicole Kidman’s makeup disaster at the premiere of “Nine”. Generally being the vision of perfection on the red carpet this little indiscretion sent shock waves through the blog kingdom in such a way you would think she pulled a Lindsay or a Brittney.


The chatter ran the gamut from – there is an unemployed makeup artist crying in her pillow tonight to, was Nicole dipping into the cocaine? Some think it’s a reflective shimmer product or concealer but I ask you darling who puts something like that at the end of one’s nose? I say it’s powder all the way and probably high def powder at that…too much of that fine milled stuff and you are doomed.

Though I do feel for her, I found it actually endearing that an A-lister of Nicole’s status can have an tragically embarrassing moment like the rest of us mortals even with an entourage in tow. As a makeup artist that has worked with celebrities it’s hard to understand how this little powdery mishap could actually slink through all of her “yes” men…but there is a little known piece of info that might just be the missing link here.

After 9/11 many a red carpet star was forced to walk the path without their glam squad, meaning that makeup artists suddenly were not able to wait in the wings during the long paparazzi wall of flashes at the Oscars, Emmy’s, Screen Actors Guild etc with powder or gloss in hand and I suspect that this often holds true at high profile movie premieres due to security measures. So what this means is that most artists pack a little “emergency kit” for their grand ladies of the silver screen with a pouf of powder, lipstick and gloss to keep them ever –fresh as they meet the parade of cameras and tabloid tv “journalists”. So if Ms Kidman was sent off by her well meaning makeup artist with a heavily powdered pouf tucked into her clutch it is very probable that she herself unknowingly over doused just prior to meeting the media barrage without anyone in her camp even noticing. I mean let’s face it…no one was going to detect this in the dim lighting of a limo. But you can be sure that from now on the always statuesque celeb is going to check once and check twice before she steps any further.

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