New Makeup Brand – Ellis Faas

This weekend I had the amazing opportunity to do some basic makeup workshops for the Fresh Start Women’s Center along with the ladies of Fashion Group. Not only was it an absolutely wonderful experience, I found that meeting all these wonderful women made me even more excited about what I do than normal. It ‘s quite a funny thing to be a makeup artist because people tend to get very excited about your job and generally one of the first things they say is…I need you to teach me how to do my makeup, or I need some new makeup, or I need a makeover! Well all I can say is that it’s nice to be wanted!

Even I get excited at certain times of the year to indulge in some new colors or products. Several months ago I came across an article about Ells Faas a Dutch makeup artist with a new line of cosmetics in the NY Times. Of course my first thought was “Do we really need another line of cosmetics?” But this one is a far cry from any other line I have seen. The brand must be the delight of neat freaks and obsessive compulsives from sea to shining seas. The line itself is pared down to bare bones minimalism. The shades themselves are based on colors that exist in the human body….skin tone from peachy to freckles, blood tone red, or bruising shades.

The sound of it is not very enticing I know…but bear with me. The second intriguing part of this line is the “holder” a sleek metal cylander that has seven little compartments to slide the items into. Though I am not sure that I would go quite that far, I do love the fact that most of the products come in a pen form from foundations, to concealers, lip colors, liners and shadows.

Lip products come in formulas from creamy to milky to glazed, each one more sheer than the last, the same for eye shadows which come in creamy and milky. The eye makeup formulas all set to a lovely powder finish and Faas herself makes it look like a piece of cake to apply.

The only item that doesn’t come in a futuristic pen form is the powder, but the compact itself comes in a disk form that screws onto the holder creating a little time capsule effect.
Just the thought of carrying your entire face worth of makeup in one tiny place Holder or no Holder gives me hope that one day I will have an organized handbag!

I for one think it’s a genius brand and hope that people will embrace this lovely and perfectly organized crop of new face paints. Take a peek at the how-to video from the Ellis Faas website at

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