NeuLash Eyelash Enhancement Serum


I’m sure I’ve said it like 100 million times and I’ll probably preach it 100 million times more, but if there’s one makeup item I just couldn’t do without, it’s definitely mascara.

Without it, I look dead. Or seriously seriously tired. And there’s nothing worse than having people tell you you look tired or sick because it’s pretty much code for telling you you look terrible. And yes, you should promptly find a bag to place over your head.

So needless to say, I absolutely can’t live without long, fluttery come-hither lashes. They define the eyes, draw attention to them and it’s absolutely sexy. So when I heard about this neuLash eyelash enhancement serum, I was intrigued to say the least.

I’ve had fake eyelashes (which just make my eyes swell and ironically make them look smaller) and tried eyelash extensions for a story (yah, that was fun times for sure) an eyelash enhancement serum? Sounds like something out of a late night TV infomercial.

So like any good beauty editor, I asked for my very own sample. neuLash is touted to promote eyelash growth in as little as four weeks. You just apply over the lash line every night before bed and the innovative serum works its wonders.

For all you skeptics, here are the deets: neuLash is fortified with vitamins, essential proteins, biotin and polypeptides that replenish the structure of your lashes. It’s ideal for women with weak, thin and brittle lashes and can even be used to promote growth on sparse eyebrows. For a complete breakdown of the ingredient jargon, visit the neuLash site here.

The before and after shots on the neuLash Web site are pretty great. But once you achieve the desired results, it’s recommended you continue use to maintain your desired results.

I’m absolutely terrible at maintaining a routine so I was worried I’d immediately forget to consistently apply neuLash but truth is I was so excited about it, I’ve remembered to apply every night. It’s a bit tricker to apply than suggested, but that might be because it’s just hard for me to keep one eye shut and the other open so I can apply without gouging my own eyes out.

It takes 3-4 weeks to see results and I’ve been using it for  about a week and a half but to be honest, I kind of feel like it’s working. My lashes weren’t weak or brittle to begin with, in fact they’re actually pretty long, but if anything I figure a little longer and healthier never hurt anyone!

You can pick up neuLash at Neiman Marcus. $150.

  1. This sounds really cool! Especially if it actually works, the only annoying thing is that you have to keep applying it to keep the results in tact. I’ve had eyelash extensions too, but there’s no way you could keep something like that up….this might be easier (and more natural).

  2. I’m with you, Marlene. I look horrible without mascara and I just want to hide in a corner. I’m a little skeptical of this product because nothing I have used has worked but am willing to try it out because I have nothing to lose.

  3. This is kinda neat. To bad it doesn’t change your lash color to be darker. This would help with the blonde eye lashes!

  4. I am all about makeup and highlighting one specific feature, my eyes. Although I am extremely hesitant about this product, I am definitely up for the challenge. Anything different than an eyelash curler.

  5. I’d totally try it if I didn’t have to pay for it. That’s just too steep for me to worry about something little like eyelashes.

  6. I’m such a mascara girl, too. Fake lashes are far too tricky for me to deal with–I’ve tried, not cute. So this just might be the ticket for me.

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