Beauty Shades for Summer

Maybe it’s because I am in a sea side town feeling the breezy winds, smelling the salty air and hearing the sounds of waves crashing around, but something has come over me, it’s a lazy kind of attitude that makes me want to abandon all of the normal routines that I usually adhere to and try something new.

Yesterday I was proud to extol my favorite travel friendly items, but after a few long walks on the beach I decided to venture into a little seaport beauty spot to pick up a few new goodies.

CND Urban Oasis

Instead of my usual deep dark film noir nail polish I have slicked on a little CND Urban Oasis, this deep shade of green- blue seems to somehow look fresher in the sand than a cotton candy color usually associated with summer (perhaps the cloud cover is lending a little mood to the situation). CND

OPI Nail lacquer in Cuckcoo for this Color
OPI Nail lacquer in Cuckcoo for this Color

Another decidedly decadent shade is OPI Nail lacquer in Cuckcoo for this Color. It’s a shimmery shade of deep aqua that will easily carry into the lush trends for fall. I can see this shade going perfectly with deep hues of burgundy, brown and gray. Sephora

Julie Hewett Cosmetics and her creamy smooth lipstick in Celeste
Julie Hewett Lipstick in Celeste

And something about a brighter lip is calling me. I love Julie Hewett Cosmetics and her creamy smooth lipstick in Celeste a perky peachy pink is a total departure from my normal shade of Bibba a muted peachy tan and I find with a pop of color I can pare down on the eye makeup.

Rimmel's Moisture renew Lip Color in Rose Passion
Rimmel Lip Color in Rose Passion

I even ventured last night into a brighter shade of red with Rimmel’s Moisture renew Lip Color in Rose Passion. Even though I felt like I was all lips it was fun to play with a totally different shade than my usual natural lip look which I originally adopted when I realized that natural lips require less maintenance. But the truth is, faded off this shade looked like a pretty lip stain. I even got several compliments! Ulta

Sue Devitt
Sue Devitt Eyeliner

And instead of my normal black liner I was happy to reacquaint myself with an old favorite Sue Devitt . Her creamy pencils are the perfect antidote to boring basic shades. Available in deep plum, bronze and golden shades it can be used as liner or cream shadow. Ulta Stores

Rodin Body Oil

And lastly salt filled air on a windy day can leave your skin feeling parched but nothing works quite as well or feels more lovely than a gorgeously scented body oil. I already love Rodin Olio Lusso for the face but now I have become addicted to the body version. Though it’s pricey, it’s worth every penny when you see the difference a few drops can make. Barneys

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