5 Great Summer Hair Fixers

This past weekend my husband’s family was here to celebrate his 40th and though it was an absolute delight to spend time with them, I must say that the back to back activities really kept me on my toes. Being that half of our guests were from Seattle and the other half recently moved to Rhinebeck NY (the locale of the Chelsea Clinton wedding) each day was packed with loads of activities some were all about catching the sun while others included dodging the heat completely. From brunch, to movies, to shopping, yoga, sightseeing, to sitting poolside and dinners out there was no shortage of clothing changes or re-primping.

For the guys taking two or more showers a day is of course no big deal but for the girls this involves one of two things, either redoing your hair or carrying an arsenal accessories to keep you hair looking good ie: scarves, headbands, or swim caps. I of course went for the first option. And being that I have uber flimsy, thin hair that is a combo of straight with random curls it practically takes a village to keep my hair intact for more than a few hours in the heat. Luckily I have found a great stash of products to tame my unruly mane.

After a few turns in the chlorinated pool Aveda Sun Care does the trick to wash away all the chemicals and return my hair to its normal state plus it works great as a body wash after you’ve been water logged at the beach or ocean.

I love the tousled, beachy look that you get after spending time in the waves and sea air and Blow Beach Blow Texturizing Spray makes it effortless to look like you’ve been surfing or boating the coast all day.

Whether you are lounging poolside or doing laps it’s mega important to protect your locks. Kerastase Aqua-Seal is to your hair what sunscreen is to your body, it protects against the elements, helps to keep color from fading and leaves hair healthy and shiny.

Let’s face it, we can’t always stop and shampoo in the heat of a blistering day, so for those days on the go when you need a little refreshing, Sachajuan Volume Powder does the trick. It’s a dry shampoo that will transform your sweaty, limp locks back to looking catwalk ready.

Even though I try to make all the right moves in protecting my hair, there is nothing like a good old fashion conditioner to bring those tendrils right back to life and Paul LaBrecque Repair Conditioner does just that. Though it’s a tad pricey it leaves hair feeling better than it was before with silk proteins, essential oils and macadamia nut oil to add shine and silkiness.

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