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3 Must Try Nail Products

In case there is anyone in the city that doesn’t know I am a beauty junkie, I admit once again ,under the right circumstance I just can’t resist a new product in a pretty little package. This weekend I came across a few sweet little things that I just had to find out more about.

If you aren’t familiar with Toms shoes, this philanthropic company gives away one pair of shoes to an underprivileged child for every pair of shoes sold. On April 5th the company will hold their annual event “One Day Without Shoes”. Those participating in the event will go without shoes to help raise awareness of the shoe shortage throughout impoverished countries. So to make the barefoot experience even more appealing Essie a leading nail polish purveyor has created a shade to match Tom’s logo called “A Day Without Blues” The company already gave away 5,000 bottles and are set to donate another 1,000. To find out more info and

And while we are on the subject of nail polishes, the days of sitting around and waiting for the paint to dry might be close to over. Though the idea of a press on nails or nail color strips might not be completely new but these wonderful sets by Incoco are super convenient and a great stow and go way to keep your nails looking great. They include self-sticking nail polish tabs in more than 30 colors and patterns (not to mention a French-manicure option), a file, polish-remover cloth and cuticle stick. Just warm the product by rubbing them between the palms of your hands, then peel them from the strips; apply to dry (buffed) nails; and file away the excess color on the edges. The sets come in a variety of shapes and colors and the best part is that they are formaldehyde and toulene free. Each manicure should last approximately 14 days. For more info

But if you are a die- hard love to paint on your own mani type of girl (or guy) OPI crackling “shatter” polishes keep winning raves with the fashion set. If you missed the black shatter there are plenty of new shades for Spring including the Serena Williams French –Open inspired colors along with four more shades. The Grand Slam collection features White Shatter matched up with a silver sparkle lacquer called Spark de Triomphe and Red Shatter paired with a shimmery pink called Rally Pretty Pink, while the Blue, Navy, and Turquoise Shatters add a little rock to the nautical look’s typically preppy boat.

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