This is the Most Popular Bridesmaid Dress Color in Ariz.

While saying yes to the dress is most important, choosing the color of your bridesmaid dresses is no small decision.

From setting the tone of the wedding pictures and coordinating with the hues in the bouquet, to being beside the bride as she says “I do,” the color of the bridesmaid dresses is key to bringing the vision of a bride’s special day to life.

To find out the most popular bridesmaid dress colors in each state, fashion experts at Boohoo analyzed Google Trends data and established the bridesmaid color that each state Googles the most. 

The analysis revealed that gray is the most popular color for bridesmaid dresses in America, with eleven states searching for gray more than any other color, while green is the second most popular color due to its wide variety of shades and tones. 

According to the study, different shades of green, including sage, emerald and olive are the most popular colors for bridesmaid dresses across 10 states overall, including Arizona where sage was named the most popular bridesmaid dress color. 

Sage dresses have seen a spike in interest since the start of 2022, with searches for “sage bridesmaid dresses” increasing 476% since January, according to Google Trends data. The states searching most for sage bridesmaid dresses are Arizona, Maine, Montana and Utah.

Emerald and olive have also proven to be popular among bridesmaid dresses. Emerald is the most searched bridesmaid dress color in Arkansas and Connecticut, while olive is preferred over any other color or shade in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Gold bridesmaid dresses are the third most popular bridesmaid dress color. Seven states searched for the color more than any other, including Idaho, Maryland, Mississippi, New Mexico, South Carolina, Virginia and Washington.

Other popular bridesmaid dress colors amongst states include burgundy, different shades of orange, such as terracota, plus purple, pink, black, maroon and yellow. 

“Finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses for your bridal crew can be a mixture of trial and error, and when factoring in your bridal parties’ different looks, it can be daunting to know where to start,” says a Boohoo spokesperson. “However, using Google or social media is a sure way of finding inspiration and this data offers a fascinating insight into which color of bridesmaid dress are favored across America, as well as showing the significance of both traditional and current fashion trends.” 

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