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How Your Look Affects Your Love Life

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Every girl wears their makeup, hair and clothes differently, but did you know that the way you present yourself can actually affect how appealing you are to men?

Below are five tips for things that men look for in a woman’s appearance.

1. What he means by natural makeup:

When men say that they like when a girl wears natural makeup, they do not mean no makeup at all.  This means minimal makeup with no heavy eyeshadow or eyeliner.  The makeup you wear when you go out with friends and go on a date should be two completely different faces.

2. Why men love red lipstick:

If you are going to wear lipstick, studies show that men are most attracted to rich red lipstick.  This will show him just how confident you are!

3. How important healthy hair is:

A recent survey by Pantene revealed the sex appeal behind long healthy hair.  Get an extra trim every once in awhile, and you’ll be that much more appealing to the opposite sex!

4. Natural nails:

Although bold vibrant nail colors are more fun, studies show that men prefer women with short nails painted either French, nude or natural colors.

5. Why men find rosy cheeks sexy:

It may seem strange that men find rosy cheeks super sexy.  The reason rosy cheeks appeal to men is because of the youthful and healthy look they provide.  Next time, add a little blush to finish off your look!



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