Isa Lazo – Leaders in Luxury Skincare

Indulge in beauty that goes beyond the skin, with Isa Lazo’s collection of luxury essential oil skincare. The groundbreaking new beauty brand crafts gender neutral, clean formulations designed to boost your mood and
deliver glowing skin.

Created by Mother and Daughter duo, Heather Lasrado, and Isabel Lazo, the line brings a touch of luxury to the everyday. The essential oil formulas create the ultimate self-care experience, with each product designed to work together to strengthen, rejuvenate, and revitalize the skin and awaken the senses.

Since launching in Spring 2020 the non-toxic and cruelty-free brand has quickly created a cult celebrity following which includes Blake Lively, Shay Mitchell, and Cameron Diaz.

The Isa Lazo collection is formulated using powerful plant-based ingredients that are carefully extracted for best results. The minimalist range includes a toner, face oil, body oil, and exfoliating scrub.

Key ingredients include Rosa Damascena oil, grapefruit seed oil, evening primrose oil, raspberry seed oil, cranberry seeds, rose water, and witch hazel flower extract.

Used collectively, the antioxidant-rich products reduce the visibility of cellulite, promote circulation and cell turnover, and protect skin from future damage, so that users can achieve glowing, hydrated skin while calming and clearing inflammation.

The Face – Facial Toner

Often overlooked, yet one of the most valuable steps in a skincare routine.

Most commonly used after washing the face. Simply apply to a cotton pad and gently wipe over face and neck.

The Isa Lazo Facial Toner is the perfect remedy for removal of leftover dirt and debris.

This product has worked miracles the unique combination of witch hazel and essential oils helps to shrink pores, heal and prevent blemishes,
balance skin tone, and more. It is alcohol-free- which means it will not irritate or dry out sensitive skin.

Key Ingredients: Rosewater, witch hazel, aloe leaf juice, chamomile essential oils.

The Face – Facial Oil

Packed with anti-inflammatory properties it is a great product to soothe, heal and nourish skin. Light weight and quickly absorbed, it provides the perfect amount
of hydration and nutrition.

It can also be used day and night! Does not clog pores and is great for sensitive skin. It can be layered in combination with your current night cream, serum, etc.

Key Ingredients: Rosa damascena flower oil, raspberry seed oil, cannabis sativa seed oil.

The Body – Body Scrub

A unique take on body scrubs. Not only does it have a beautiful deep cranberry colour, this product is made with crushed cranberry seeds to give an effective and revitalising exfoliation.

Transforming dull skin with the power of over 100 active ingredients and antimicrobial properties. It’s been known to help diminish body breakouts and blemishes and even razor bumps. It can be used on dry skin for a more intense exfoliation or on damp skin for a gentler experience.

Key Ingredients: Crushed cranberry seeds, coconut oil, evening primrose oil, rose essential oil

The Body – Body Oil

This body oil is a delicate yet powerful infusion of citrus and botanical oils. It enhances the clarity of skin with the power of vitamin C.

Promoting circulation and tissue regeneration with the qualities of Rose Damascena oil. Blemishes are calmed through anti inflammatory agents, leaving a soft and radiant complexion.

Light weight, hydrating and healing, this body oil promotes elevated wellness.

Key Ingredients: Evening primrose oil, tea tree leaf oil, grapefruit seed oil, jasmine oil

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