Achieving the Cool-Girl Casual Look with Vanity Claire

Claire from Vanity Claire for AZFoothillsMeet Claire Planeta, the local AZ blogger behind Vanity Claire. She’s an outfit connoisseur in the casual-but-cute department, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to get a sneak peek into her thoughts on fashion and how to master that laid back style we all aspire to have.

AFM: How do you describe your sense of style? 

Planeta: I am a laid back girl through and through who puts a major emphasis on balance, not only in life but also in my everyday style. I have an affinity for mixing and matching, whether it be relaxed silhouettes and sleek pieces or vivid colors with exclusive prints. I usually tend to gravitate toward easy pieces that offer versatility.

 AFM: Why do you like the laid back style best? 

Planeta: I love having key pieces that can be worn so many different ways. Some days I feel free-spirited, some days edgy, and then every once and a while I’ll feel super feminine. The only way to channel all of that into one style and make it work is to balance it. So I love that I can reflect how I am feeling by what I wear that day.

AFM: Do you think it’s important for everyone to find a personal sense of style? 

Planeta: Absolutely, I don’t believe style pertains more or less to what you wear, but rather how you feel wearing it. In finding your style, you find an inner confidence that allows the world to see your personality a little bit from the outside. Take me for instance, I am confident and secure in who I am, but I also have a lot of different sides to me. I can be shy and reserved, or outgoing and adventurous, it just depends. I honestly don’t know if my style could be more pin pointed to my personality – I’ll always be myself to the core, but you’ll never know which side is going to come out to play just a little bit more! Plus, I was always told that if you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you do good.

AFM: What are the must-have items to master your style? 

Planeta: I have a few items that I wear on repeat:

1. ASOS Tall Forever T-shirt: They are the BEST V-necks around.  I have all of the neutral colors and majority of the time my casual outfits are based around one.

2. A Unique Neutral Sandal: Especially in tan. I wear my wrap around tan ankle sandals with everything. I also have a black fringe pair that adds that extra something to an outfit. Luckily in Arizona, we get to wear sandals majority of the year.   

3. A Simple Romper / Jumpsuit: It is the perfect versatile outfit. It is only one item and makes a statement all on its own. Plus they can be both dressed up or down.

4. A Crossbody Bag: Call me lazy, but I hate carrying a purse. I love crossbodies because your hands are always free!

5. Ripped Jeans: I only like my jeans ripped at the knees. It is simple and casual without overdoing it.

6. Ankle Boots: They can be worn year round and they are super versatile! 

AFM: What’s something unique about you that most people probably don’t know?

Planeta: Before going into fashion, I actually interned in high school with the Texas Rangers at their spring training facility for a couple years and was planning on becoming an athletic trainer. You can imagine how much crap they gave me for choosing a completely opposite profession! My two favorite things were sports and fashion, so when it came down to picking one in college, I went with the latter! They still give me a hard time about it to this day.

Claire from Vanity Claire 2

-Story by Taylor Seely



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