Trendspot: A Fragrance that Changes with Your Outfit

If you ever thought it’d be a good idea to change your perfume with your daily outfit rotations, try one with a personal science behind it.

Lisa Hoffman Beauty Variations is a collection of fragrances tailored to the different phases of your day. The set is composed of five different scents based on places Hoffman visited with her husband, Dustin Hoffman, while he was working on location. Designed as pulse point perfume oils, each of the scents comes in four variations to suit your sense’s needs during the morning, afternoon, evening and bedtime.

According to Dr. Alan Hirsch, director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, “Your sense of smell changes as the day progresses. It’s greatest when you first wake up, then declines as the day goes on.”

Four-vial set in Japanese Agarwood

You can even pick and choose which variation you use based on the temperature.

“When it’s colder, your sense of smell is worse,” says Hirsch. In heated winter spaces, you’ll want a lighter (morning) scent indoors and a stronger (evening) scent when you step into the cold outdoors. The summer weather works the complementary opposite.

Choose from Japanese Argarwood, Madagascar Orchid, Tuscan Fig, Tunisian Neroli or French Clary Sage as a base scent, each having four variations each.

The four variations explained:

  • Morning: A crisp, yet balanced variant with subtle top notes that lead to an ever-so-slight zeal for a fresh morning start.
  • Day Time: During this time, our sense of smell is at its peak. Experience the with this variant of the perfume’s full expression.
  • Evening: Accentuates the deeper, more sensual notes for an intriguing sense of mystique.
  • Bed Time: This variant whispers a powdery, delicate version of the perfume as our fatigued senses prepare for rest.

What do yo think – Would you wear four variation scents a day for your sense’s sake?

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