Interested in a Career in Fashion and Beauty? Meet Student Mingle!

What is Student Mingle and why was it launched? 

Student Mingle is a new platform created to connect students interested in the fashion and beauty industries to professionals. This platform was launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic causing jobs and internships to become remote. Student Mingle was created by students, for students. 

The platform is powered by Fashion Mingle, a global network of industry professionals in 200 cities and with over 120 fashion occupations, looking to mentor, connect with or hire students who have a profile on Student Mingle. 

How do students find opportunities in the fashion industry using Student Mingle?

Using the job and internship portal coming soon! They can also message industry professionals and check out our weekly Student Newsletter. Networking is a large component of the fashion industry, Student Mingle offers students easy access to industry professionals such as fashion and beauty brands, designers, and more to help them hone their skills and make meaningful connections. 

What are some key features you want students to know about? 

As a student who wanted to get a job in the fashion industry, nowhere else highlighted the creative skills. On a Student Mingle profile you can add pictures, videos, writing pieces, podcasts and more! You can search for others by city and by occupations that interest you.

Student Mingle also offers a student forum to communicate with other students and industry professionals. Coming within the next month, students will be able to search for jobs, internships, or barter opportunities in their home city or globally. 

How do you work with schools and colleges? 

We partner with schools to provide their students with the benefits mentioned above. We also promote them on our social media channels and produce monthly webinars as well. Colleges can also create a professional profile for their institution and gain visibility for their school and offered programs. 

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