Beauty Pageant Contestant Inspires #NoMakeUpSelfie Anti-cyberbullying Campaign

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It all began in North Carolina when a cyberbully chose to victimize the reigning Miss Greater Port City Outstanding Teen with a Twitter post from the anonymous handle “Idk Idk”.  The post showed two pictures of Isabella Gaines, one with makeup and one without, attempting to highlight Gaines flaws without makeup and question her natural beauty.

To some, an action like this would play at their strongest insecurities.  Unlike most, Gaines used this situation to rise above her cyberbully with a thoughtful Instagram post.  The post took a stand against cyberbullying, starting an anti-cyberbullying campaign with the hashtag #NoMakeUpSelfie and encouraging others to join the campaign.

Gaines’s thoughtful post can be seen below.

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Check out some of the others who jumped on board with the campaign below.



Even Miss America 2015,Kira Kazantsev, got on board with the campaign.

1989 Miss America winner Gretchen Carlson also participated in the campaign.

Some of our local Arizona beauty pageant contestants also got on board with the campaign, showing us both their natural beauty and their true inner beauty radiating from the confidence seen even without a perfectly put-together face.  See Arizona’s beautiful Miss Maricopa County below.


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