Araianna’s Beauty Guide: Hair by Faith Mariee

Female client in beauty salon. Close-up of hairdressers hand drying blond hair with hair dryer and round brush, doing professional hairstyle

Faith Mariee, the genius behind the chair, opened her hair salon in Gilbert, AZ, in 2014. Since faith was a young girl, she constantly desired to help others feel beautiful in their skin. This passion quickly turned into a lifestyle brand, with her becoming a top hairstylist in Chicago, where she was born and raised.

Faith decided to bring her vision and creativity to the Valley and works with clients from all over. Faith is known for keeping up with the newest trends and giving her clients the best possible services. The services she specializes in are color corrections, extensions, and bridal styles. You will leave Faith’s chair transformed and feeling more confident than before.

Address: 963 N Gilbert Rd Suite 9 Gilbert, Az.

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