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Apps to Help You Keep New Year’s Resolutions

Whether your New Year’s resolution(s) include destressing, getting into shape or saving money, there’s an app for that. No excuse is reasonable with these helpful apps that will help you reach your goals ASAP.


Resolution: Lose weight
App: MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter (Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows)
With MyFitnessPal’s free Calorie Counter, you keep a food diary that shows how much you can eat and still lose weight, and you’ll have it with you everywhere you go. You can also tap into the large community of users to find encouragement and inspiration.

Resolution: Exercise more
App: Fitness Buddy (Android, iOS)
Azumio’s $1 Fitness Buddy app brings an on-call personal trainer right to your fingertieps. With more than 1,000 videos and even more illustrations, it shows you the right way to perform exercises. Enter your exercises into the diary to track your progress, and get a detailed account of how you’re doing.

Resolution: Quit smoking
App: Livestrong MyQuit Coach (iOS), QuitNow! Pro (Android)
Livestrong’s $4 MyQuit Coach for iOS helps you develop a plan for quitting the stick, and tracks your progress. FewLaps’ $3 QuitNow! Pro for Android is similar, but also includes chat features to bolster your support network.

Resolution: Save money
App: Mint.com (Android, iOS)
In addition to its regular website, Mint.com’s free app helps you get a hold of your finances. Categorize your spendings and create budgets for how much you eat out, spend on movies, etc.

Resolution: Get organized
App: Astrid (Android, iOS)
Keep track of your resolutions by making a well-organized list. Todoroo’s free Astrid app keeps track of your work and personal to-dos, and syncs them across any device, including smartphone, tablet and computer. You can speak new entries instead of spending the time typing, and even can make lists public to share with friends.

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