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Snack Attack: 10 Yummy Low-Calorie Snacks

It’s a widely known fact that eating around five or six small meals per day is ideal and can boost your metabolism. Logically, this means you are going to “have to” snack between meals. Choose wisely ladies, extra meals can mean extra calories if you’re not careful. That is why I’ve done my research to bring you the healthiest, low-calorie foods you should be nibbling on at work and between meals. Here’s what I came up with…

  1. Hard Boiled Eggs: For a natural protein boost in the middle of your busy day, enjoy one or two hard-boiled eggs. One medium hard-boiled egg delivers a host of essential vitamins at just 81 calories.
  2. Tomato Topped with Balsamic Dressing: Ok so it’s not the authentic Caprese Salad from Italy, but it’s pretty close, and minus the fat! You can’t go wrong with stuffing your face with tomatoes at only 30 calories a pop (medium-sized). This tasty vege is packed full of vitamins and minerals, most notably vitamin C and vitamin A.
  3. Celery with Peanut Butter: Did you know you actually burn off the amount of calories in a stick of celery just by chewing it? This means it has negative calories! Spread some low-fat peanut butter on these crunchy green veges and take in some good fats as it is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids.
  4. Cup of Cottage Cheese and a Grapefruit: Dieters often steer clear of cheeses because they are chock-full of fat. Well delicious cottage cheese is the exception to the rule… And no it won’t give you “cottage cheese thighs.” This healthy snack is low in fat and carbs, and very high in protein — just what you need to decrease that body fat percentage. Add a grapefruit to the mix, because this special fruit is low in calories and sodium, high in potassium and fat burning enzymes. Perfect!
  5. Sargento’s Low-Fat String Cheese with an Apple: If cottage cheese isn’t your cup of tea or you’d like something more mobile, try healthy string cheese, like Reduced Fat, Low Moisture Mozzarella String Cheese by Sargento. This particular brand is filled with snacks at only 50 calories each with just 2.5 grams of total fat. However, this isn’t going to stop your stomach from rumbling, so throw in a juicy apple rich in Vitamin C.
  6. TCBY’s Fat- & Sugar-Free Frozen Yogurt: Who would have thought stopping at your local TCBY would actually be healthy for you? Well it is when you choose the fat- and sugar-free frozen yogurt. Just three ounces of a fat-free brand will only set you back 100 calories.
  7. 14 Whole Natural Almonds: Nuts are jam-packed with fat… good fat! A measly 14 almonds, in particular, are not only just 80 calories, but have 3 grams of protein, 7 grams total fat and 1.5 grams dietary fiber.
  8. Hummus with Whole Wheat Pita Bread: This Middle Eastern creation is delicious and super healthy. It is filled with fiber and dripping with olive oil for our essential fat burning, fatty acids. Choose whole wheat pita bread for dipping. This has less simple sugars and even more fiber!
  9. Fiber One Yogurt with a Banana: For all you gals with a sweet tooth, yogurt is the healthiest way to get your daily fix. Try Fiber One’s non-fat, 50-calorie yogurt packs. These delicious treats are filled with fiber, which will help your belly feel more satisfied. Toss in a nutritious banana for some more fiber, potassium and vitamin B6.
  10. 100% Dried Fruit Bars: Try these delish Trader Joe’s Handmade Fruit Bars… if you haven’t already. You’ll be hooked! They are less than 50 calories each.

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