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Phoenix Company Offers Pure Green Coffee Weight Loss Supplement

The latest weight loss aid is delivered with a punch of a little green coffee bean. Taken daily, ground green coffee beans have been known to instigate steady weight loss as a natural source of energy and a powerful antioxidant.

Phoenix-based company GoBean is the first of its kind to offer a USDA-certified organic green coffee product.

Green coffee beans.

What sets green coffee beans apart from just consuming regular cups of coffee every day is the chlorogenic acid mixed with the caffeine, which work together to help burn fat and slow the speed by which the body turns sugars into fat. When coffee is roasted, it loses the chlorogenic acid, leaving just the caffeine content.

According to an epidemiological study conducted in Italy, coffee was found to have the greatest antioxidant capacity among commonly consumed beverages. Mice were fed straight green coffee extract and were discovered to have reduced visceral fat content and body weight at the end of the two-week treatment period.

Most other products claiming to offer green coffee are just partial extracts, without the full benefit (think Starbucks’ Refresher energy drinks and Hydroxycut weight loss supplements).

“People felt great when they took GoBean, the whole bean,” said Elsa Solorio of Erewhon Natural Foods Market in Los Angeles. “The energy they received was smooth and they lost more weight.  When you are taking a dietary supplement you want it to help you lose weight and it is a benefit if it helps you feel better.”

Marcus from GoBean, with bags of green coffee beans ready to be turned into product.

Besides its weight loss supplement, GoBean also offers two other products that aid in daily life; energy and study aid:

Weight loss
The weight loss supplement is made from the whole coffee bean. Packed with fiber, your stomach expands and helps you feel full, suppressing your appetite.  For maximum results take 3 capsules before each meal 3 times a day.

No energy spike or dreaded caffeine crash here. Compared to liquid energy products, caffeine content deep within the fiber and cellulous of the coffee bean creates a natural time release of the caffeine.   Your dopamine is able to replenish itself before the GoBean wears off so there is never a crash.

Cedric Ceballos, retired NBA all star, has said:  “After playing professional sports for years I have seen and tried most of the energy products out there.  After having a few minor heart attacks I would never put anything in my body that wasn’t safe.  GoBean gives me the energy I need without excellerating my heart to the point of being uncomfortable.  This is the cleanest smoothest energy product I have ever tried and I use it everyday.”

Study Aid
The same rules apply for the study aid as the energy product.  The study aid has a little less caffeine.

Some of the places GoBean products can be found at are go-bean.com, Fry’s and soon at Circle K.

GoBean is offering a special offer through AZFoothills.com:
Try the 30 count energy FREE you just pay $4.97 shipping and handling.
Or, get a 90-count weight loss, one 30-count bottle of energy, one 30-count bottle of study aid and one 30-count travel bottle of weight loss for $29.95.  This is a $70 value.

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