Imagine: A Life With Less Stress

We’ve all been there.  Those weeks where is seems like everything is hopelessly piling up.  Life is spinning out of control.  While you’re letting stress take over your life, stop and realize there are ways to make sure that stress doesn’t win.

Here are some simple ways to help relieve stress:

Scents, Scents, and More Scents:

Believe it or not, something as simple as a scented candle has been proven to relieve stress.  Next time you’re at the store, buy a candle or some scented oil.  This aromatherapy works because the smells trigger the Limbic System, which in turn discharges chemicals that affect the brain boosting feelings of calmness and relaxation, as well as other pleasant emotions.  Next time you feel stressed, light a candle or pull out your scented oil and breathe it in.


Shut Off  Your Social Media:

While shutting off social media and limiting phone access won’t remove stress for good, it will help shield you from unnecessary stress.  When you’re on your phone amidst tackling one item on your stress list, you are allowing yourself to constantly be interrupted with other potentially stressful tasks.  Try ignoring Social Media for a little and worry about one stress at a time, without the outside world reminding you of something else that will only stress you out more.


A Sip Of Tea Here and There:

Whip yourself up a pot of green tea to sip on while completing a task.  The theanine amino acid in the tea has been proven to reduce stress.  While coffee and energy drinks will only spike your blood pressure, green tea contains less caffein, and will soothe your stress.


Take a Break and Exercise:

Whether it’s a spin class, yoga or a run around the block, even a minute of exercise can make a difference on your stress level.  Exercise releases endorphins, which improves your mood.  Also, if you’re in shape, that’s one less thing to be stressed out about!


Healthy Body=Healthy Mind:

Your body needs fuel in order to function properly.  Even if you’re a skinny person, in choosing to not eat healthy you aren’t providing the proper fuel to your body and therefore not letting your body and mind work as well as they can.   This can be hard, because the more work we have the less likely we are to eat well. That doesn’t mean you need to stay away from the all junk food items.  Just be sure to take your vitamins, drink water, and consider choosing to snack on carrots with ranch rather than a bag of chips.



It is important to organize your tasks and organize your overall life.  Keep your tasks straight by making a list of each task you have to do and plan when you will accomplish them.  It will feel so good when you check off each item on the list.  A messy mind or a messy working environment will only stress you out more.


Take Breaks That Will Reduce Stress:

Take a break from it all to do something that won’t cause you any stress.  Consider talking to a friend who makes you laugh or watching a 22 minute episode of your favorite Sit Com, as the laughter will release endorphins and make you happier and more relaxed.  You can also listen to music, as music will make you more calm and reduce cortisol, a stress causing hormone.  You can also try mediating or simply lying down and breathing slowly for awhile.



This is probably the most obvious form of stress relief.  While you want to believe you are capable of operating on little hours of sleep, you aren’t giving your body enough time to revamp itself each day if you don’t have a significant amount of sleep.  Instead of browsing your Instagram, Twitter, and other social media for an hour before you go to bed, set your alarm and let yourself sleep.  The extra 30 minutes will add up.  Don’t worry, the pictures and tweets will still be there in the morning.


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