Important Dos and Don’ts of Juicing

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or detox for a healthier lifestyle, juicing seems to be the trend in health and wellness these days. Though tempting to think of it as a quick fix for weight loss or a glowing complexion, it’s important to know the facts before you proceed. Juicing can come in a variety of forms, including pressed and bottled juice ordered from a delivery company, homemade mixtures, or a completely DIY smoothie concoction.

After you pick your means of choice, here’s some juicing dos and don’ts to keep in mind:

juicingDO go organic
If you plan to concentrate the produce in juice form (which naturally happens when you blend or juice whole foods), buy organic produce if you plan to juice from scratch or look for pre-made juices that use organic ingredients, such as Organic Avenue or Urban Remedy. Otherwise, added pesticides in the concentrated juices will make it harder for your liver to detox your body.

DON’T attempt any sort of juice program if you have diabetes
Since carbohydrates from the fruits are condensed in juice form, you’re putting yourself at a higher risk of elevated glucose levels and blood sugar spikes, says Marisa Moore, R.D., spokesperson for the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

DO try a “cleanse” with real food
Although it’s popular thought, don’t think you should completely replace all meals with juice. Instead, cut out the junk food and eat clean with fruits, veggies and tons of water, to reset your body and still get the same results. Added bonus: You’ll probably be in a better mood with the addition of some solids.

DON’T rely on juice to heal a serious illness
According to exercise physiologist and clinical nutrition coordinator at the Center for Cancer Care at Griffin Hospital in Connecticut, Samantha Heller, R.D., juicing doesn’t cure any of the chronic diseases we face today, despite some websites and promotional products suggesting it can.

Remember: The best way to juice is to supplement a clean diet to help you boost your intake of beauty-enriching nutrients, lose weight and gain more energy.

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