Banish Cravings With a Sniff of badSTICK

Whether it’s a cheeseburger or double chocolate cake, you can stop your bad food cravings with just a sniff, thanks to a small little stick technology.


No more of this with badSTICK.

badSTICK is a scented black stick that you smell when you start craving those oh-so-yummy but not-so-good foods.  Developed by Tricia Bryski who recognized the extremely close correlation between scent and taste, all you have to do is simply wave badSTICK under your nose for just a few seconds when you have unwanted cravings, and poof! – cravings be gone.


Bryski,tried to lose her pregnancy weight for 12 years to no avail through classic diet methods like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. She said badSTICK helped her with junk food trigger times, especially on weekends and on her way home from work.

You can use it whenever you want to interrupt your negative internal dialogue regarding food cravings  Bryski views badSTICK as a diet tool or aid to assist in a healthy process of losing weight, not as a substitute for an appetite suppressant. Since you don’t ingest or apply the product on your skin, badSTICK is safe.

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  1. I think it sounds cool. I don’t see bad meaning don’t eat. I think it’s the scent. I think I’ll try it, I have a hard time not snacking on everything at night. Maybe it will stop that.

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