From ‘I Do’ to ‘Home Sweet Home’: Arizona is a Top Dream Destination for Newlyweds

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Arizona is one of the best states to settle down after getting married. 

StorageCafe ranked large U.S cities, with a population over 200,000, in order to find the most ideal places to settle down. The rankings were based on 15 metrics covering key aspects related to a city’s potential to support married life, including the economic landscape, local housing availability and costs, access to a like-minded social crowd and community amenities.

Arizona ranked twice on the list, with Scottsdale and Gilbert pulling in fourth and 10th place, respectively. 

Scottsdale stood out  due to its high percentage of a married population, a strong job market, a booming entertainment scene and lots of opportunities for outdoor activities. 

Scottsdale also has the nation’s second-highest housing inventory per capita, with over 0.6 housing units available for each resident. Living costs in Scottsdale are lower than some other U.S. cities, where the average electricity bill is approximately $186 and the average gas price is $3.50 per gallon, one of the nation’s lowest . 

Gilbert is another great location for newly married couples to settle down. It has the second highest share of married people. Gilbert also has a very low unemployment rate at 2.4%, making the job finding process easier for these new couples.      

Read the complete study here.

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