8 Ways to Build Confidence before a Date


Meeting someone new is exhilarating. Learning about one another’s background, favorite hobbies and dreams creates potential for something more: an everlasting relationship. However, going on that first date can be nerve-wracking, as opening up is difficult. Sweaty palms, a racing heart, and the sudden inability to speak correctly are all signs of an approaching date!   At Kelleher International, we understand the pressure that coincides with meeting someone new. That is why we always want and encourage our clients to feel secure and self-assured. Confidence is key to an honest and open relationship. It allows one to show who they truly are while letting someone else enter their life. Here are eight ways to build confidence before a date:

  • Establish a strong mentality – Positive thinking is vital to both a healthy lifestyle and healthy relationships. A strong mentality diminishes any negative thoughts. Self-doubt, insecurities, and worries about the future need to be minimalized. This can be done by becoming more conscious of self-talk and proactively working to simply think positively.
  • Exercise – Moving to increase the heart rate is known to increase levels of confidence. Whether taking the matt to a yoga class or gearing up for a kickboxing session, this helps ease both the mind and body. Exercise strengthens core muscles, burns calories and allows you to dedicate time to yourself.
  • Complete a small task – Grab the to-do list and cross something off. If you have a project that you have been putting off, finally complete it. The feeling of accomplishment helps improve confidence and give you a sense of success. Success shows drive and strong work ethic. Illustrating this to yourself presents feelings of triumph.
  • Treat yourself – Before a date, it is always good to feel your best. Think of something you love and treat yourself. Whether it is a drink from your favorite coffee shop or a new dress that has been calling your name, now is the time to indulge. Fulfilling your wants and desires creates sensations of happiness, which ultimately acts as a confidence booster.
  • Primp – Another key part of one’s confidence comes from physical wellbeing. Take extra time to groom and pamper before the date. Polish nails, style hair, and accessorize. Feeling good on the outside also helps one to feel better on the inside.
  • Choose a favorite outfit – On a date, be sure to feel both comfortable and like a million bucks. Choose the one outfit that you cannot live without. Make sure that everything, from head to toe, makes you feel confident. This also includes the shoes and jewelry. Wearing an outfit you love exudes a self-assured demeanor.
  • Be conscious of posture – Standing tall shows that you are proud of yourself. Posture is something simple that can make all the difference. Rather than slouching, focus on presenting yourself the way you would want other to see you: with poise and assurance.
  • Smile – From a strong mentality ultimately comes happiness. Smiling is a beautiful way of expressing this. Before, during and after the date, be sure to allow yourself to enjoy life and simply smile. Not only does this attract others, but smiling releases feelings of joy and fulfillment.


Finding someone with whom you are compatible is not rocket science, but that does not mean it’s easy! Kelleher International is dedicating to finding your perfect match and getting you on your way to a lifetime of romantic bliss. (Content provided by Kelleher International)

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