Top Ten Mashups and Covers of 2014


An original song is generally the most well-known and popular version of a song.  Yet, sometimes a mashup can come close to stealing the lime light.  Mixes, covers and mashups have been around for years; however, each year musical talents from around the world produce noteworthy new mashups for music fans to enjoy.

Based off total views and popularity, featured below are AZ Foothills’ picks of the top ten mashups and covers of 2014.  These mashups will definitely be remembered as some of the top mashups 2014 would see.

1. 1989 Mashup

Even Miss Swift herself is obsessed with Louisa Wendorff’s 1989 Mashup cover.  If Taylor approves, it must be good!  Check it out below.

2.  The Evolution of Miley Cyrus

In May, YouTube sensation “Superfruit” produced an acapella mashup of Miley Cyrus’s biggest hits. From Cyrus’s first works to her more recent material, this creation was a YouTube hit, quickly gaining more than 6 million views.

3.  The Monster/Wake Me Up

In early January 2014, two sisters released a striking mashup of their two favorite songs on the radio, “Monster” and “Wake Me Up.”  The cover can be seen below.

4. Top Hits of 2014 in 2.5 Minutes

The following duo incorporated piano, beat boxing and their voices to showcase the best hits of 2014.  This video received more than 6 million views.

5.  Let It Go/Let Her Go

YouTube sensation Sam Tsui created a beautiful cover of “Let It Go” from “Frozen” and “Let Her Go” by Passenger. The incredible 4 minute 26 second video received more than 18 million views.

 6. Me and My Broken Heart / Lonely No More Mashup

Andie Case’s cover of “Me and My Broken Heart” and “Lonely No More” was released in April.  The beautiful cover received more than 8 million views.

7.  Happy Get Lucky

Not only is this a noteworthy creative vocal mashup, it is also filled with impressive video elements.  These combined artistic attributes made for a popular mashup and a hit YouTube video.

8.  Magic! Rude Mashup

Rayvon Reed produced an impressive cover and mashup by incorporating elements of songs from everything like classical Bob Marley to the hit 2014 song “Rude.”  Check out the mashup below.

 9.  Shake It Off / Pompeii Acapella Mashup

YouTuber Mike Tompson’s acapella mashup of Swift’s “Shake It Off” and Bastille’s “Pompeii” quickly caught viewers’ attention. The cover was only released 3 months ago and already has more than a million views. The video is featured below.

10.  Year-End Pop Mashup

Let’s not forget the annual mashup of all mashups, the Year-End mashup.  Vancouver based artist Daniel Kim has produced end of the year mashups of all the hottest pop hits of the year.  This year’s 2014 mashup did not disappoint!

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