A Taste of MATCH Cuisine & Cocktails

Sometimes, a place just has it. It is just cool. People are drawn to it. Such is the case with the newly opened MATCH Cuisine & Cocktails, the on-site restaurant at the equally-as-cool FOUND:RE Phoenix (if you love art, design or just want to see something out of the ordinary, visit now).
MATCH Cuisine & Cocktails dishes up eclectic, globally-inspired street food and creative cocktails (the bar is stocked with hard-to-find spirits and the most friendly staff) that reflect the vibrant art scene that surrounds it. The menu is so eclectic that Executive Chef Akos Szabo dishes out everything from pizzas to a poke bowl to Korean BBQ ribs to Moraccan lamb meatballs, and the list goes on. So it is safe to say that whatever you are craving, there is a menu item for you–and so much more.
To warm you up on the chilly fall days, an order of lobster bisque should be your first move at MATCH. The creamy bisque is decked with large chunks of Maine lobster, decadent mascarpone gnocchi and wood oven-roasted mushrooms. Unlike many lobster bisques out there, the quantity and quality of the lobster and the addition of the gnocchi make the dish a delicious entree, as well.
Seeking hearty, comforting and maybe a tad spicy? The Barrueta pizza is a must-try, crafted with house-made Filipino longanisa, young coriander and crunchy garlic and named after Best of Our Valley-winning food writer, Christina Barrueta. Another hearty offering is the sweet-and-savory Korean BBQ ribs which is balanced out by the accompanying green papaya salad, a pretty and flavorful medley of pickled carrots, Thai basil, cilantro, roasted cashews, mint, scallion and Thai chili dressing.
The sustainable salmon plate is a prime example of how simple can be stunningly delicious. The impeccable salmon is surrounded by red kermes rice “tabbouleh,” castelvetrano olives, Crow’s Dairy quark, grapefruit and unfiltered olive oil, offering up non-traditional flavor profile. No heaps of carbs, no decadent sauces. Just tastiness.
The wood-oven roasted Moroccan lamb meatballs is another table favorite. The comfortable-food classic–the meatballs–are expertly and uniquely served with refreshing flavors of Meyey lemon, mint, quark and pistachio. The result is a just-right entree–not overly filling.
Come dessert, the Oaxacan Wreckage is basically an edible work of art. Pastry Chef Audrey Enriquez paints a pictures of rum sponge, molé mousse, smoked almond crumble, dark chocolate ganache and coriander cream onto the table (well, a food-grade layer over the table). It more than a dessert–it is an experience.

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