Dirty Blonde Cocktails


Sure, the New Year is all about renewal, a clean slate, a fresh outlook. But, really, it’s also all about Champagne. And Dirty Blonde Cocktails are a fun and femme alternative to the regular glass of bubbly. (Heck, one of the flavors is fabulously called Raspberry Flirtini!) Dirty Blonde Cocktails made its official debut in 2008 as the very first line of single-serving premium Champagne cocktails. Each bottle contains a blend of bubbly white wine, fruit infusions and added spirits. And their approachable, single-serving 187ml bottles are the perfect portion to serve at bachelorette parties, a girl’s night out, or to wind down another busy day–I think you should give them a try for your New Year’s celebration. Plus, they are ready to drink–no need to spend more on mixers. Dirty Blonde Cocktails are available at local stores like Fry’s and BevMo, as well as local Scottsdale nightclubs, for $14.

Dirty Blonde Cocktails are available in four deliciously fruity flavors: Raspberry Flirtini, Peach Passion Bellini, Citrus Mimosa, Sparkling Mojito. At a recent holiday party, I served Dirty Blonde Cocktails and they were a huge hit. Everyone loved a fresh, light sip to go with more rich holiday fare. http://www.dirtyblondecocktails.com/.

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