Grocery Great: Drinks for the Entire Family

Whether you’re seeking new drink options to energize and refresh or if you’re looking for a healthful sip for your little one, here are three new options to give a go (or gulp).
zest tea
Offering as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, Zest Teas has a selection of flavors that can wake you up while still offering the health benefits of tea, including antioxidants. The four flavors include Blue Lady Black, Pomegranate Mojito Green, Earl Grey Black and Apple Cinnamon Black. The Pomegranate Mojito Green tea is super refreshing when served iced while the Apple Cinnamon Black tea is packed with flavor that is sure to be especially delicious and festive come fall.
Drazil 3D Group 6_25_13
Now that the kiddos are back to school, we’re sure parents are clamoring for new, healthful drinks to pack in their lunch boxes. A new option to try is Drazil Kids Tea, am all-natural, organic blend of tea and fruit juices. Drazil drink boxes contain 35 percent less sugar than regular juice; plus, it’s packed with wholesome antioxidants, vitamins and minerals found naturally in herbal tea and contains 100 percent of your day’s vitamin C. And the tea is free of caffeine. Best of all, kids will go gaga for the fruity flavors. Flavor include: Punch Passion, Tropical Burst, Grape Bliss and Yummy Berry.
gold killi All Natural Ginger Lemon
Ginger has long been heralded for its health benefits (see you later, nausea). And now there is a super-easy and convient way to enjoy ginger via Gold Kili instant beverages–just add water. The all-natural ginger beverage offer a sharp spicy character, is super smooth and is available in four varieties: All Natural Ginger, All Natural Ginger Lemon, Instant Ginger and Instant Ginger Lemon. (The All Natural Ginger and Ginger Lemon flavors can be enjoyed hot, while the Instant Ginger and Instant Ginger Lemon flavors can be enjoyed either hot or cold.) Though sipping it straight might be a little potent for some taste buds, adding a little milk is a great way to dull the sharpness but still get the same great taste and health benefits.

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