How-To: The Ultimate Holiday Charcuterie



While the ham is baking away in the oven and the potatoes are boiling on the stove, treat your holiday guests to a tasty, well-rounded charcuterie using these helpful tips from MeatCrafters
Tip 1 – Picking your cheeses. Pick two to three different varieties for a well-rounded tray. Brie, cheddar, Swiss and smoked gouda are most-loved choices. Either leave the blocks whole for guests to cut themselves, or cut the cheese into triangles, or rectangles for easy grabbing.
Tip 2 – Choosing your meats. A variety of salamis make for an excellent tray. Try Meatcrafters Skinny Salamis or Artisan Salamis for a perfect pairing, as their salamis, cured meats, and sausages are made for charcuterie lovers everywhere. Their distinct collection will satisfy the most discerning palate, as they use the freshest spices, herbs, and seasonal blends designed to bring out unique and complex, yet subtle flavors. Other good options include prosciutto, dry-cured chorizo, or a capicola. Aim for 150 grams of each on your tray in thin slices.
Tip 3 – Don’t forget the extras. Dried nuts and fruits, such as almonds, pecans, dried apricots and pitted dates add a bit of pizazz. Tangy options, such as pickles and olives, work well too.
Tip 4 – Carbs. Not all platters have starches on them. Italian rustic bread, focaccia or a French baguette would be good possibilities. Cut some slices and place in a basket nearby.
Tip 5 – Arrangement. Last, but not least, arrange your items on a platter. Leave room between each item for a visual appeal. Use the extras to space out the meats and cheeses.

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