The King Cupcake

The King Cupcake

The King Cupcake

Thank you, thank you very much, Sprinkles, for The King Cupcake! This cupcake is available today–only today, so go now– in honor of Elvis’ birthday. It’s banana cake  topped with peanut butter frosting, of course. Turn on a little “Love Me Tender” and have yourself a treat.


  • Marla says:

    My sister loves bananas and peanut butter, so this would be a perfect treat for her!

  • JJ says:

    Sprinkles are such great looking but way too much sugar. Are you kidding me that people wait in line for these. The look is great the taste is good but way too much froasting.

  • GrlyGrrl says:

    Did anyone try this? I did, and it was super-delicious! Of course I’ve been a fan of anything Elvis-related since I visited Graceland as a kid. (shag carpet on the walls, I just thought that was nuts!)

  • Jennifer says:

    The perfect way to celebrate the king and kick off the weekend, cupcakes!

  • Georgia says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t see this yesterday. I totally missed out. Bummer. I guess this particular cupcake has left the building. . .

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