Taste of the NFL Chef Chat: David Lawrence of San Francisco

david lawrence
In honor of the upcoming Taste of NFL’s Party with a Purpose, get to know the event’s participating chefs. Check back weekly to get to know other Taste of the NFL’s Party with a Purpose chefs from all over the nation!
Chef name: David Lawrence
Restaurant and location: 1300 on Fillmore in San Francisco, Calif.
Web site: 1300fillmore.com
Social media: @1300onfillmore, facebook.com/pages/1300-on-Fillmore-Restaurant
What inspired you to take part in the Taste of the NFL’s Party with a Purpose? I was ask to take part by Wayne Kostroski. The founder of the taste of the NFL. Wayne talked about all the good things they had been doing for the last 20 years, and I felt like this was something we should be apart off.
Any hints as to what you’ll be dishing up at the party? House-smoked hot link chicken andouille sausage, pipperade, Carolina mustard.
Say you’re hosting a Super Bowl party. What dish do you serve to guests? Maple-syrup-braised beef short rib sliders, Point Ryes blue cheese, toasted brioche buns, caramelized onions.
Have you always had a passion for the culinary arts? How did you get your start? Always loved to cook. I was raised by my father and he was in the business, doing long hours, so I cooked from an early age. My two loves at that age was Chelsea fc soccer team and Graham Kerr of the “Galloping Gourmet.”
What do you love most about what you do? What I love the most is when my restaurant is full, people are eating and drinking, laughing and having great conversations in a environment I created. I have to pinch myself, then have a little smile to myself and I remember the little kid who start cooking at an early age because is dad was at work put food on the table at his restaurant so we could food on the table at our home!
What are your goals for the coming year? I have been trying to open a BBQ restaurant in San Francisco for four years. We have just signed a least to open next February 2015. We are also in the planning stages to open two or three more 1300 on Fillmore restaurants, so keep posted and hopefully we will have some more good news to tell you.
What food bank are you representing? San Francisco.
And a few fun faves…
Favorite Super Bowl memory: John Taylor making the catch to win the 1988/89 super bowl. My first year living here my second Super Bowl; my first Super Bowl I watched, was at 3 a.m. in the morning UK time, Doug William won the super bowl for Washington 1987. Sorry, I have two favorite Super Bowl memories.
Favorite sports-watching snack: All-time favorite snack, Lays sour cream and onion potato chips with a cold beer!
Favorite cocktail to whip up for Super Bowl guests: Dark and Stormy with Jamaican “Appleton Rum” and ginger beer, wedge of lime. That’s sound so good, I’m off to have one right now!

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