Super Bowl Grilling Tips

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Plan to throw another shrimp (or steak or chicken or burger) on the barbie while you and your pals gather to watch the Super Bowl? Coyote Outdoor Living CEO Jim Ginocchi has provided four tips for delicious Super Bowl grilling.
1. Clean your grill: Make sure the grates are clean and, for a gas grill that the burners and flavorizer bars are cleaned. If you’re cooking burgers one night, and salmon next, you want to make sure you’re keeping those flavors true. The best way to keep the grates clean is after using the grill, keep it on high, closed for minutes to burn off excess drippings. Then allow the grill to cool and brush the grates with a non-metal fragment brush. When completely cool, wipe down the grates with warm soapy water.
2. Prep the grill: I like to spray mine with a non-stick surface product and brush it with olive oil or grapeseed oil — prep it like a pan. For a little extra flavor, cut a whole head of garlic in half and rub it directly on the grill grates for extra seasoning.
3. Heat it up: A lot of folks do this, whether charcoal or gas. They watch the thermometer go up a little, and throw meat on. Then they wonder why the meat isn’t cooking right. Turn on or light your flames to a medium or medium-high level and slowly get to the temperature you want. Don’t be in a rush. A grill is just like an oven – you’ve got to preheat it.
4. Get creative: Incorporate your grill for the entire lunch all at once. For example, fresh peaches split in half, sprinkle with brown sugar grilled using raspberry yogurt as a dip makes a great starter. Be creative with flaky low-cost tilapia; marinated in a lime juice and cilantro blend with lightly grilled soft tortillas to make a great fish taco. You can do this entire meal for low cost, on one grill and have plenty of time to socialize!

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