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If you’re a fan of Eddie’s House in Old Town Scottsdale (and who isn’t?), there is quite a bit for you to look forward to this summer. Through Labor Day, Eddie’s House is offering Lobster Fest every Friday and Saturday with $23 lobsters. To get the lobster love going, Chef Eddie Matney provides a few lobster lessons:
A lobster eats 20 out of the 24 hours in each day
It takes 6-7 years for a lobster to reach one pound
Lobsters need to be cooked 8 minutes per pound
The green tamale in a lobster is still considered one of the sweetest delicacies it has to offer
Except the rare albino, or white lobster, all turn red once cooked
Boiling is the easiest, and quickest, way to cook a live lobster
Baking a lobster tail is the best way to prepare it and leave it juicy
Maine lobsters have less cholesterol, calories and saturated fats then both chicken and turkey
Also through Labor Day, Eddie’s House is dishing up a special $11 summer menu. Here’s a sneak peek at the tasty seasonal offerings:
Grilled “New York” Pork Loin
Glazed with an apricot voodoo sauce and served with a grilled sweet potato and brussel sprout salad
Grilled Chuck Eye Filet
On a bed of local field greens, grape tomatoes, Stagg blue cheese, onion frizzles and a white balsamic vinaigrette
Grilled Natural Chicken Breast
Served with a toasted bacon potato salad and yellow green beans
Pan Seared New England Cod
Atop a panzanella salad with a tomato shrimp herb essence
To reserve for spot for Eddie’s House sensational lobster fest or $11 summer menu, call 480.946.1622 or visit

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