Meet Chef Bertrand Bouquin of Desert Mountain

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Meet Bertrand Bouquin, who very recently stepped into the role of Director of Culinary Operations at Desert Mountain. Most recently, Chef Bouquin served as the Executive Chef at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs for the past 12 years (he has more than 30 years of overall experience in the food and beverage field) and was successful in opening the hotel’s restaurant, Summit, which garnered the “Best New Restaurant” award from Esquire Magazine. Here, learn Chef’s advice for upcoming culinarians, his hopes for the dining realm at Desert Mountain and where he finds his inspiration.
What are you most looking forward to in being a part of Desert Mountain?
I am looking forward to be part of an organization that takes care of its employees the way they do, and to be working with a team that have the same goal in common to take care of our members to the best of our abilities.  
What is your goal for the dining component of Desert Mountain?
First my goal is to assess where all the restaurants are at and then take the necessary measure to bring them to the next level for our members. I am looking forward to working with all the restaurant chef and continuing to develop their culinary skill and education to perfect this craft of cooking that will exceed expectations.
With so many dining destinations at Desert Mountain, how do you plan to approach each menu?
Desert Mountain is a unique private club, offering a quite extraordinary and wide array of dining options with our nine restaurants and grills, from a beautiful Italian family dinner at Constantino’s, to an elegant steak and seafood experience at Apache or festive fish tacos at Outlaw, my goal is to look at each menu and making sure they are focused in their own theme and to make sure we meet our members  expectation at the same time.
Have you always been interested in the culinary arts?
I have always been interested in culinary arts. I starting  as an apprentice I was 15 years old. And even before that I was always in the kitchen at home cooking with my family. This is a passion I have since I am a kid, and I think my family was always a big motivation for me.
Where do you find inspiration for your dishes?
Everywhere! In cookbooks, in my travels, in our guests, in other restaurants and at home cooking for my family.  
What has been your greatest professional achievement thus far?
I think bringing Mobil 5 Stars and AAA 5 Diamonds to the Penrose Room restaurant at the Broadmoor was a good one. Not too many chefs have that under their belt.
Your most influential mentors are the quite the renowned group of chefs. What impact do you hope to have on up-and-coming chefs?
The same impact my mentors have on me: the discipline to this craft, respect of the food, listen to our guest, hard work. One of my mentor always said to new cooks in the kitchen ‘success is not free.’ I think that’s pretty much sums it up.

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