Resort Report: El Dorado Scottsdale Opens

It’s rare that a new hotel opens already teeming with history. However, that is just the case of El Dorado Scottsdale, which just reopened following a revamping of the iconic Valley resort.

If you’ve visited the El Dorado recently, you’ve noticed that the 52-year-old Scottsdale gem is looking a lot younger these days. Having recently completed a refreshing of the resort, the El Dorado’s aim was to restore the property, while maintaining as much of its unique, original charm as possible.

A visit to the historic El Dorado will yield a bevy of new changes and upgrades that guests and visitors will enjoy.

Mixing retro components with new finishes, the kitchens at the resort feature 1960s tile in energizing colors like soft turquoise, greens and blues.

The resort’s already spacious guestrooms have been outfitted with eclectic furniture to further accentuate each room’s individual theme and name (names like Day Tripper, The Frank Sinatra Suite and the Crimson Suite).

Upon entering the resort, visitors will notice a new lobby equipped with the new EL’s Café.

The outdoor components of the resort’s pool area have also been extended to accommodate outdoor festivities and events. Barbeque pits, fire pits, and a hot tub all combine to make the outdoor ambiance at El Dorado an ideal place to unwind.

In addition to new amenities and aesthetics, the hotel has also paired with McCormick Ranch Golf Club to offer Golf Packages, Banquets and Weddings.

The El Dorado’s central location is also convenient to a multitude of attractions, restaurants and hotspots of Scottsdale. A Stay at El Dorado would be the ideal anchor point from which to explore all the area has to offer.

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